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Tyler Posey We Love Everything About You, And Your New EP!

Tyler Posey We Love Everything About You, And Your New EP!

We don’t need to tell you how much we at The Honey POP love Tyler Posey because you know it’s a lot! His music and his acting have us completely hooked, and it’s not a bad thing. We’re so excited to tell you all about his new EP and some of our favorite songs!

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The EP is called Drugs, and as a whole tells a story of how hard substance addictions can be. We are so incredibly proud of Tyler for telling this story because even though it can be sad, it’s a story we should all learn.

Drugs is definitely a story of addiction. How dark it can be. How great sobriety can be and being present. How scary depression is while sober and no substance to abuse, forcing you to deal with your emotions. It’s a coming to terms concept and wanting to make a change for the better. It’s a topic that isn’t too glamorized in music. Whenever you hear a song about drugs, it’s usually in favor of them, not about them destroying your life.

Tyler Posey on Drugs

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‘Past Life’

‘Past Life’ is the 7th song on the EP and probably one of our top songs! Not only is the music so beautifully done, but the lyrics tell a crucial part of the story. We can’t tell you how many times we listened to this song while waiting for the EP’s release. (It’s a lot, but we lost count!) Tyler Posey killed it with this song!

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‘Someone Else’s Dream’

We aren’t experts here at The Honey POP, but we think this song was the perfect way to start off the EP. The second the song began, we could tell that Tyler put his heart into it. (Just like he did with the entire EP!) We might make a playlist based around ‘ Someone Else’s Dream,’ it’s that good.

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‘Sober’ follows ‘Someone Else’s Dream’ on the tracklist, and we’re so glad it does. The song manages to talk about the struggles of sobriety after the fact, all while making us wanna get up and dance. It’s truly a talent that Tyler Posey possesses. He finds a way to make us smile, even when he’s telling us a painful truth.

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This EP as a whole has us waiting for more! One of our favorite things about Tyler Posey is the love he puts into everything he does. We can tell that every song took time and love, and we love that feeling. We love that when you listen to the EP, it’s not just good music, but it’s a good message along with it. Tyler started a conversation with this EP, an important one.

Have you had the chance to listen to Drugs yet? Are you as obsessed as we are? If so, what’s your favorite song on the EP? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @thehoneypop. You can also let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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