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What’s In Our Heads? These Jonas Brothers Songs!

What’s In Our Heads? These Jonas Brothers Songs!

It’s Happening! Everyone remain calm! On September 17th, we are getting new Jonas Brothers music! Even though we’ve gotten multiple singles and an album since their comeback, every time a new song is released, we revert to being teenagers and freaking out. We’ve been getting so much content lately with a tour (get your tickets here) and now ‘Who’s In Your Head.’

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During the Denver, Colorado show the Jonas Brothers played ‘Who’s In Your Head’ and surprised the crowd! We are only a little envious that we weren’t in attendance!

To celebrate the release of ‘Who’s In Your Head’ we’re going to countdown the top five Jonas Brothers songs that never leave our heads! Grab a snack and get ready to jam out with us to the band that has had our hearts on lock for over a decade.

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‘BB Good’

Once ‘BB Good’ comes on, there’s no controlling us. This is the Jonas Brothers song that makes us lose our minds the most. For such an early track, you can hear so much rock n’ roll influence, ‘BB Good’ showed even in 2008, the Jonas Brothers were destined to be complete rockstars.

‘Play My Music’

We had to include a track from Camp Rock. There was no way around it. ‘Play My Music’ is one of those songs that is an instant mood booster. We can’t ever quite get enough of putting on this song and dancing around our rooms screaming the lyrics like it’s 2008 again.

‘Remember This’

We know ‘Remember This’ is quite new, but after seeing it as the opening number on tour, we couldn’t leave this one out. There is something larger than life about ‘Remember This’ and something that makes you feel so lucky we’re getting to witness these moments in life with the Jonas Brothers.


We have a bone to pick with the Jonas Brothers. ‘Shelf’ not being a permanent part of the Remember This Tour setlist is borderline criminal. For us, ‘Shelf’ might be the top tier track in the Jonas Brothers’ discography, it’s that good, and they made it in 2008! It’s insane to think that they’ve been this talented and making bops at this caliber for over a decade.


We cry every time we hear ‘Rollercoaster’ without fail. The track is a love letter to the fans who stuck by the band while they figured out life, fell in love, and started families. Being Jonas Brothers fans since the very beginning, we really did grow up together, and now we’ve all come back to being at shows together and it’s all a big love fest. We could go on for hours about how important this song is to us, and how important we know it is to the boys.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your all-time favorite Jonas Brothers song? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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