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James Blunt Adds New Song ‘Love Under Pressure’ To His Slew Of Hits

James Blunt Adds New Song ‘Love Under Pressure’ To His Slew Of Hits

James Blunt Love Under Pressure

James Blunt is reaching for the stars with his stellar new release, ‘Love Under Pressure!’ The track is one of the four new songs appearing on his upcoming greatest hits album, The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021), set to arrive on November 19 via Atlantic Records. Listen to ‘Love Under Pressure’ here!

Co-written with Jack Savoretti and produced by the brilliant songwriting duo Afterhrs, ‘Love Under Pressure’ is an infectious piano-driven dance bop. Thanks to the exquisite choice of instruments and hypnotic beats, James rightly delivers the euphoric moments you wait for in the song! The lyrics are more emphasized and have a stronger impact on the ears because of the production involved. Before we knew it, we were on our feet, jumping and vibing to the otherwise heartbreaking context behind the lyrics.

Earlier this year during the lockdown, I was lucky enough to have a Zoom writing session with the very talented Jack Savoretti. We had never worked together before, but our managers thought it might be a good idea to get us together to do some writing. I’m very pleased we did. Not only is Jack a great guy, but we wrote a banger of a single!

James Blunt on ‘Love Under Pressure’

That you did, boys! ‘Love Under Pressure’ is one of those James Blunt songs that fills your head as it progresses, and you cannot seem to pull yourself out of it! And let’s talk about that powerful vocal delivery by James! An earworm for sure, ‘Love Under Pressure,’ will go with you to every dance floor.

More News From James!

James Blunt is striking full force! After releasing ‘Love Under Pressure,’ he is all set to embark on a nine-date UK arena tour for 2022, which will see him celebrate songs spanning a 17-year career. There is absolutely no way we can let go of chances to see him perform ‘You’re Beautiful,’ and the slew of hits to his credit. So follow suit and grab your tickets here!

James will also grace us with his forthcoming greatest hits album, The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021), on November 19! This album will include four new songs and four exclusive live performances from around the world. It also features stunning tracks from his latest Gold-selling album Once Upon A Mind, including ‘Cold,’ and the heartbreaking ballad for his father, ‘Monster.’ We will run to pre-order this album right now!

Let’s hear from you! What is your favorite James Blunt song? Is it ‘Love Under Pressure’ yet? Are you seeing him on tour? Tweet us at @TheHoneyPOP or over on our Facebook!

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