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The Bees Knees Radar’s Solid As Ever!

The Bees Knees Radar’s Solid As Ever!

It’s another busy week for The Bees Knees at the THP headquarters! From R’n’B pop sounds to rock and calming folk sounds on the radar, you can find the perfect match to your playlist. Scroll down to discover the best set of songs you can ever have. Enjoy the glitter and catchy vibes with us!

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Lily Rose – ‘I Don’t Smoke’ And Stronger Than I Am EP

We came across Lily Rose a couple of weeks ago with her single ‘Remind Me Of You.’ she’s been on our radar since then with her country-pop lines here at The Bees Knees. On October 1st, the Nashville-based singer will tell some tales of courage on Stronger Than I Am. She co-produced with her long-time collaborators Joey Moi and Matthew Morrisey. Lily Rose also joined forces with pop song master Julian Bunetta who made a ton of One Direction and Thomas Rhett hits on ‘Know My Way Around.’ The guitar slides into some joyful and confident piece and we love how the melody sparkle in our playlists.

This week, we had the chance to hear another great track, ‘I Don’t Smoke.’ Contradictions exist and we sometimes struggle between our ideas. “That’s like saying I don’t smoke when I drink/Every Friday night, baby, I won’t lie/That’s like saying I don’t know anything” Lily Rose sings with her crystalline vocals. Her pop creative composition is pure bliss, swaying in between ballads and lovely country hooks. Be submerged with the amazing vibes of Lily Rose’s ‘I Don’t Smoke here. Stay tuned for the Stronger Than I Am EP in the next couple of weeks! You’re gonna get feels!

Badflower – ‘Johnny Wants To Fight’

At THP, we are obsessed with Badflower! How can we resist their grunge inspirations? They are on the way to offer us their new record This Is How The World Ends and we bang our heads and make air guitar to the Weezer-infused ‘Johnny Wants To Fight.’ The loud drums and distorted guitar riffs attract our attention. The raw atmosphere reflects on the feelings of heartbreaks and revenge. How would you react if your girlfriend or boyfriend cheats on you with your best friend? Maybe like Johnny in the tune.

How to control our anger? It’s hard, isn’t it? Badflower made that story so catchy for our ears with the infectious chorus! The band punches us in a rock’n’roll way and we are eager to hear more of this sophomore album coming up! Tickle your ears with the rocking ‘Johnny Wants To Fight’ here. Crave for more? No problem! Preorder This Is How The World Ends here!

The Front Bottoms – ‘Lover Boy’

We love to discover new artists at The Bees Knees. It’s impossible to stop listening to this New Jersey duet, The Front Bottoms. This week, they come back with this radar track ‘Lover Boy.’ Their amazing guitar riffs and retro neon synths on this three-minute masterpiece are pure delights! If you dig The Vaccines‘ new sounds, this song is for you! The chorus is so addictive! It’s easy to fell for that sing-along. “You got me acting like a tough guy/Trying to be c-c-cool/You got me acting like a tough guy/And now I’m missing you,” the duet sing in harmony, through the stellar melody.

The suave energy hit us like never before! What can we say about the electro tones that shine bright? The lyrics may show the heartbreaks and bellyaches, but the upbeat drums make us forget about the dark times! Do you imagine how this track amongst many others will sound like live? We are eager to know! The band goes on tour in North America this fall and it’s going to be exciting times! Get more info over here! Get your inner ‘Lover Boy’ out and get the track to stream here!

Twin Atlantic – ‘One Man Party’

Switch my phone back on it’s time to face the crowd/At a one-man party/Don’t need nobody/Just me,” spits Twin Atlantic on their new exciting track ‘One Man Party.’ The Glasgow band loves to trick us with their frantic guitars. The dark-post punk spoken-word vibes remind us of Talking Heads and XTC. The lyrics face the challenges of the last years when we were drowning in the anxiety of not knowing what would happen and being isolated. The production of Jacknife Lee who worked previously with U2, The Killers and more recently Sea Girls is dark, but fun and upbeat. Sam McTrusty make his solo punk fiesta in the museum, playing along with art, dance, and fast-paced guitar staccatos.

Twin Atlantic is ready to set the bar high with the upcoming album. On the scene for more than ten years, we’re looking forward to celebrating with them on tour next May! Create your own ‘One Man Party’ from the music platform of your choice here. Don’t forget to preorder Twin Atlantic’s Transparency on the band’s store.

Eleanor K – ‘The Panic’s Over’

Attention Taylor Swift’s Folklore era stans! The guitar strings float soothingly in the air and ‘The Panic’s Over.’ The Bees Knees introduced you this week to Eleanor K, formerly a vocalist for indie band Crystal Fighters and now flying on her own. She also previously worked with Matthew Murphy from The Wombats and all her musical experiences were a source of inspiration for her songwriting skills.

‘The Panic’s Over’ depicts how we are happy with some situation, then it becomes so toxic that we destroy everything around us. In the end, we find back the strength to come back healthier and better than ever. It’s like being born again! The strings and lovely guitars glow fiercely in some ethereal pop melody. It’s so addictive and sophisticated! Listen to the track here and we bet you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from pressing play!

Frances Baker – ‘Bringing Me Down’

We’ll never be sad with that new Frances Baker track ‘Bringing Me Down.’ All you need to make a hit like her is to have this Arlo Parks’ influenced grooves, a little bit of stellar swag, and a GarageBand app! Self-produced, it’s the first taster taken from her forthcoming debut EP. Are you in love with renforshort bops? You should press play on the Nashville-born singer-songwriter new piece.

Fans of the latest Tate McRae works will also adore how the delicate instrumentation that harmonies perfectly with the sweet vocals. ‘Bringing Me Down’ is the comfort we need! The superb xylophone crystalline beats send chills and we instantly feel better after a bad day. The rich and intricate production looks very promising for the future of this new artist on the radar. Are you excited? Stream and download ‘Bringing Me Down’ by Frances Baker as you wish here!

DADDY SQUAD Feat Dita Von Teese – ‘My Magic Number’

Take a step back through the 80s with the glitches, samplings, and electronic vibe of DADDY SQUAD’s ‘My Magic Number’ with the blissful seductive vocals of burlesque queen Dita Von Teese. The track reminisces of Men Without Hats ‘Safety Dance’ on the epic intro. If you came across our pieces about Kylie Minogue, you’ll be honored to know that retro bangers are still at the top! Founded by ex-Monarchy Andrew Armstrong, the DADDY SQUAD project bring the disco near you!

The addition of Dita Von Teese is the best decision that could have been made! The flux is so natural! “Flick the switch and shake it/Work those swivel hips/Dance the light fantastic/Ready for my kiss,” she lisps with sensuality over the addictive retro loops. We groove so much over that mid-80s robotic and geek aesthetic. Stream or download ‘My Magic Number’ to put some glitter on your nightly playlist here!

Patricia Lalor – ‘Vessel (B-side)’

It’s time for our radar to sound a little bit cinematic. Irish songstress Patricia Lalor unveiled a transcending version of her track ‘Vessel.’ The recent take called simply ‘Vessel (B-side)’ is that empowering track that ascends in such an orchestral crescendo that haunt us! We can’t get over the deep experiments and dreamy melodies. Our rising artist of the week at The Bees Knees takes obviously her inspiration from Billie Eilish and Lorde with her sensibility and work of art.

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The delicacies transform into huge chaos of bright percussions and strings. Humanity is like a big boat where people have preconceived ideas and sometimes want others to think the same. How are we guided into all these stormy series of events? You can catch her masterclasses live in October in the UK. Get your tickets here. Check the track on various music outlets. It’s easy, just click here.

Gryffin Feat LOVA – ‘Piece Of Me’

Wanna get the party started? Do you wish to have fun on a romantic getaway? Enjoy the new beats from Gryffin and LOVA’s ‘Piece Of Me.’ The electro beats are the future as Kim Petras would sing! The duet’s solid chemistry shows that dance music is still alive in the industry. Do you need a big energy boost? This song is the complete medicine! “If you want a piece of me/Try harder, you gotta try harder/Be smarter, if you want a piece of me/Try harder, you gotta try harder/Be smarter, cause I’m not falling easily,” the Swedish songstress LOVA croons like a fairy on ‘Piece Of Me.’

Don’t let others let you down and know how you wanna be considered by people. There’s a limit to love and be confident with your exact needs. We’re also addicted to the anthemic drive of Gryffin’s instrumentals! Like Zedd and Liam Payne on ‘Get Low’ or Jonas Blue’s collection of tracks, the rhythms burst into an eternal flame made of synths and bass drums. From the first notes, we just want to sway our hips and tap our feet into an endless choreography. Gryffin knows how to kick a proper fiesta and see him live here! Stream and get your hands on ‘Piece Of Me’ over here!

Jenevieve – ‘No Sympathy’

This week at The Bees Knees, we found girl power at its finest. Are the Little Mix vibes your thing? Los Angeles-based Jenevieve twists her vocals like no one else. She brings that funky tempo and bubblegum pop to life on ‘No Sympathy,’ her new single taken from her latest project Division. We jive to her smooth vocals, note changes, and solid falsetto. With versatile tones like Rosé, Jenevieve’s new song and album are stuck on repeat. She’s got the ability to intertwine the classic TLC, Destiny’s Child’s beats along with modern production.

The video is a blast with the art-pop collage and luminous visuals. “baby, I’m tired of living under your thumb/and all this time I’ve been biting my tongue/no more checking my tone,” Jenevieve checks in on the bridge is ‘No Sympathy.’ Produced by Benzi Boy, she’s not afraid of saying the truth about her thoughts now. Let’s be confident and show our strengths! Do you dig the sounds below? Get your copy of Jenevieve’s new project, Division, on the platform of your choice here!

Do you fall for any particular tracks this week? Any thoughts on what you heard? Send us your comments on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

New music floods in our ears each week and it’s hard to keep up! If you fancy more of these wonderful creations, we got more amazing songs for you here!

Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/THP Graphic Team

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