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TXT’s Choi Yeonjun’s Best Fashion Moments

TXT’s Choi Yeonjun’s Best Fashion Moments

There are few idols more fashionable than TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s oldest member Choi Yeonjun! TXT are killing it at the moment, and being the perfect all-rounder that he is, Yeonjun is truly living up to his 4th Gen It Boy title! Yeonjun excels at so many of the things he cares about, and his style is no exception. So we’ve done the hard work for you, and rounded up our favorites of Yeonjun’s best fashion moments!

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‘Fairy of Shampoo’ Dance Practice

Yeonjun always has to look chic, and dance practice is no exception. The contrast between the monochrome palette and his neon hair works so well and the laidback fit really emphasizes the smoothness of the choreography. Plus, that beret is to die for!

2020 MMAs Red Carpet

Image Source: @Melon on Twitter

This Yeonjun is a truly elite fashion moment. It’s heavily influenced by glam rock whilst also very elegant; plus we all know how much MOA loved Yeonjun’s pink hair. Honestly, we should’ve seen The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE era coming the second we saw this!

210817 ‘LO$ER=LOVER’ Comeback

Image Source: @TXT_members on Twitter

Legs for days! Yeonjun co-wrote the title track ‘LO$ER=LOVER’ from their repackaged album THE CHAOS CHAPTER: FIGHT OR ESCAPE, like we said, he does it all! As we’ve already discussed, ‘LO$ER=LOVER’ era gifted us with some incredible fashion moments. We love seeing all of TXT push their style forwards! This is an underrated fave though, we love the modern, and very chic, take on classic pinstripe suiting. Models should feel lucky Yeonjun chose music – oh wait he does both.

201122 Fansign

Another iconic fashion moment from our fave It Boy – are we even surprised at this point? A pink and yellow pastel dream, we also love the shoulder cut-outs and the beaded glasses chain.

Studio Choom

One of the greatest gifts MOA received from 21-year-old Yeonjun was his performance for Studio Choom. He was Artist Of The Month through July and danced to a mashup of ‘Blow’ by Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton, and Bruno Mars and ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles. Yeonjun’s style and charm were on point and we loved how the costume change was used to emphasize the storytelling!

Airport Fashion

We all know that Yeonjun is the King of airport fashion, even if TXT haven’t been able to travel the majority of the time since they debuted. The variety of chic oversized coats and his trusted Sac du Jour have never steered him wrong! Whilst we know Yeonjun isn’t afraid to experiment with his style, it’s great to see him in these classic looks too.

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NYFW – ULKIN Fall/Winter 2021

Image Source: ULKIN

The 4th Gen It Boy is a model too! Yeonjun made his New York Fashion Week debut back in February, walking for ULKIN’s FW21 collection and then dropping a collab with the brand! The shoots are stunning and it’s awesome to see Yeonjun’s incredible sense of style being recognized by big brands.

We can all agree that Yeonjun truly is a 4th Gen It Boy with these fashion moments! What are your fave looks, and what ones do you think should’ve made this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.


Featured Image Source: @TXT_members on Twitter

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