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10 TXT Songs We Hope To See Them Perform At ACT: BOY

10 TXT Songs We Hope To See Them Perform At ACT: BOY

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Does TXT ever rest? We can’t believe how much these five boys have been feeding their fans this year, and the surprises just keep coming! They just dropped a new version of their hit song ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)’ featuring no other than MOD SUN, and let us tell you, we didn’t know the song could get even better?! Make sure you check out the music video.

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But that’s not all TXT finally announced their first online concert TOMORROW X TOGETHER LIVE <ACT:BOY> which is happening on October 3rd. We are still (not so) patiently waiting for ticket info to be announced, but that doesn’t keep us from dreaming up our dream setlist for the concert. Come right along with us and let us imagine all the possibilities of songs we hope to see them perform live.

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The music video (more like a short film) for this song has had us whipped since the moment it came out. We need to see the boys perform ‘Eternally’ live. Even if we have to sell our souls for it, give us this beauty live!

‘Maze In The Mirror’

We love this song more than life and just need a concert version of it. TXT please listen to us. It’s been a minute since we have seen this one live (a month is long, okay?!).


Of course, this concert won’t be complete without the boys’ debut song! We just have to witness a 2021 version of ‘Crown’ as the song never gets old!

‘Moa Diary’

This one is one of the most recent TXT songs to be gifted to fans. ‘Moa Diary‘ is TXT’s first fan song, and it is so, so special. Yes, TXT has been performing this beauty at music shows, but we still need the concert version to cry to, please!

‘Our Summer’ (Acoustic Mix)

We will never move on from this version of the song! We need to see it at the concert. Please give it to us TXT! An online show is a perfect place to bring this song back, we think.

‘No Rules’

Since the song never got a music video, at least give us a concert performance of it! ‘No Rules’ is everything to us, and it already has killer choreography, so!


Here we’ve got another b-side deserving much more love than it has gotten so far performance-wise. We needed a ‘Frost’ performance like yesterday!


NaNaturally, the boys’ first fully English single, ‘Magic‘, can not be missing from this concert, and we need them to give us more of this funky and groovy bop!

‘Everlasting Shine’

We might be leaving the realistic possibilities behind with this one, but ‘Everlasting Shine’ is a song worthy of being performed at their concert! We won’t give up hope just yet!

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‘Dear Sputnik’

Give the people what they want, TXT! And that’s a ‘Dear Sputnik’ performance! This may have been our favorite b-side from The Chaos Chapter: Freeze, but don’t tell anyone (🤫).

We could go on for another five hours, but we will stop here for now! What’s a song you hope to see the boys perform at their upcoming concert? What do you think about the new version of ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)?’ Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

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