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5 Of Our Favorite Monsta X English Songs

5 Of Our Favorite Monsta X English Songs

Monsta X, One Day

It is no secret that Monsta X has been killing the game when it comes to English songs! Not only did they blow our minds with their latest Korean comeback, ‘Gambler,’ but now they are about to hit us with a new English album. We are still trying to get over All About Luv here at THP HQ, and now another album full of bangers is on its way to us?! Help!

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Of course, we could not not seize the opportunity to gush about all of our favorite English Monsta X songs. Honestly, we love anything MX does when it comes to music, Korean, Japanese, or English, they always slay. But there is just something about their English songs that makes them incredibly authentic. So let’s have a look at our top five MX English songs!

Monsta X- One Day
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‘One Day’

If you thought we wouldn’t include the group’s newest single, you thought wrong. ‘One Day’ hit us out of nowhere, and we didn’t expect Shownu to be in the music video, but he is, and tears fell (Come Home Shownu). The soft pop song is all about getting over a breakup and not knowing how to move on from your ex. We have all been there, boys 😫.

Stream ‘One Day’ here.

‘Who Do U Love?’ Feat French Montana

The song of all songs! ‘Who Do U Love?’ changed us as a person, and we are forever grateful for this banger. Once you listen to the catchy chorus, it is permanently stuck in your head. And it is obvious to say but, French Montana is such an excellent addition to the song. They killed it, and we know who we love, MX!

‘Someone’s Someone’

How has it been two years since this bop dropped? MX love to do an emotional bop, and ‘Someone’s Someone’ checks all the boxes for that. The day the music video dropped, we had the tissues ready and sang along through our tears. We all want to be ‘Someone’s Someone.’ 😭

‘Beside U’ Feat. Pitbull

We never knew we needed an MX and Pitbull collab but, the moment we heard this song on the album, we were sold. ‘Beside U’ will light any party on fire and get everyone dancing. Pitbull is known for making a good rave song, and MX’s vocals are just on another level in this song.

‘You Can’t Hold My Heart’

This rock-influenced track was one of our highlights on the All About Luv album. Those guitar riffs just hit differently when combined with Monsta X’s voices. Truly, these men never miss, and ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart‘ has to be that song on the album.

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We certainly can’t wait for more MX English music. The new album is about to slap! What is your favorite English song by Monsta X? How excited are you about the new album? What do you think about ‘One Day?’ Tell us all about it on Twitter @TheHoneyPop.

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