Fickle Friends Love You So Much!

Fickle Friends Love You So Much!

Do you need your ultra indie-pop music dose today? Are the grey days are too much and do you crave cheer-up music? The obsessive indie-pop vibes mixed with a bit of R&B is the perfect remedy for your soul! The Brighton band grooves in a fun addictive way on the new track ‘Love You To Death.’

Fickle Friends Love You
Image Source: Zachariah Marouche

Dangerous Love!

Hold you real tight/‘Cause you running through my mind/Watch the air escaping your lungs/I won’t let you go for no one,” sings Natti Shiner on Fickle Friends ‘Love You To Death.’ Love is great, but it can be dangerous too. Sometimes we can hurt someone by our words and our actions, especially when it turns out to be excessive. If you watched Netflix’s You series, you will get the point in Fickle Friends tune! You have feelings for someone so hard that you will ever stalk them!

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“It’s a song about loving someone so much you might actually kill them. I’m pretty amazed by just how much I can feel sometimes, like it’s quite overwhelming a lot of the time. That’s where this song comes from.”

Natti Shiner explains about the origins of the song
Image Source: Zachariah Marouche

Do The Indie Dance!

To celebrate the release of the new album, Fickle Friends will be back on the road this coming January. UK fans can get their tickets here, don’t miss it! Their indie-pop soulful path grooves smoothly. Fickle Friends’ ‘Love You To Death’ is their sexy tribute to Prince and eighties jams. The swagging melody is the dance-rock piece to have fun to, reminiscing of Friendly Fires or Franz Ferdinand back in the days. We’re so eager for more and discovering the ups and downs of the new generation. The deep lyrics melts perfectly with the amazing beats. Pre-order Are We Gonna Be Alright? here and get teased by the video of ‘Love Me To Death’ below. Who’s excited and can’t wait until January 14th?

Do you feel excited about Fickle Friends’ second album? What are you looking forward to the most? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Love is in the air these days! The new music is so catchy that we gasp with enthusiasm at the fresh sounds. Be like us and click here for more!


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