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It’s Official – BTS & COLDPLAY Collaborate With Their New Single ‘My Universe’

It’s Official – BTS & COLDPLAY Collaborate With Their New Single ‘My Universe’

All that manifesting has finally worked – BTS and COLDPLAY collaborate for their new single ‘My Universe’ and we haven’t breathed a single calm breath ever since. Because hello? #Coldtan is real and happening! Shall we say right in time as our Namjoon’s birthday bash comes to a close?

First things first, the title did it for us already because our universes couldn’t have aligned better than this. The single, written by BTS and COLDPLAY is produced by Max Martin and it will be sung both in English and Korean, that hits harder now that we know Chris Martin holds much respect towards BTS for holding on to their native language, even in their music. The artists recently took to Twitter to announce the collaboration that had been our wish on every falling star and you are hearing it from us – ‘My Universe’ will be ruling over every other universe and you can feel it in your bones. Oh, did we mention our personal favorite BTS collaborations list? The crowning jewel to it.

What else? ‘My Universe’ is available for pre-order/pre-save already with a CD available as well! So excuse us if our words jumble amongst themselves because we are screaming to the walls and booking us a slot before it’s all sold out – this is where you take a hint and make a sprint to pre-order.

The best gifts don’t wait for Christmas anymore, people; they come on September 24th. On a nerve, BTS and COLDPLAY will be released ‘My Universe’ on 24th September, so we’ll say it- yes, we probably will not survive this. And yes we could almost pass for a PI because we saw the signs and had it coming ever since we saw the heartwarming smiles and the most genuine interaction of BTS and COLDPLAY on YouTube Originals RELEASED last week, where leader RM had joined our fan rant to say that he had watched “a ton of his (COLDPLAY’s) videos” and Chris Martin had said, quote “I’d do anything for you (BTS).” ‘My Universe’ for us was born right there. Living proof for us- fans can dream (and be rewarded). And since both the bands are a part of the Global Citizen Live lineup for September 25th, we might be harboring another one of a live performance, maybe?

We’re lightheaded and emotionally unbalanced and no- you don’t get it! When we say we are freaking out, we mean we are FREAKING OUT. A whole shivering-shouting-bawling our eyes out-thanking the Gods-unable to make sense freaking out. Personally, we could do this all day and if you could too, you get a free VIP pass to all the Bangtan content on the hive!

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We know how creative you can be, so tell us what you’re guessing ‘My Universe’ would be like? Mellow pop, R&B, funky rock, classic EDM…? Tell us in the comments below and tweet us  @TheHoneyPOP! Also, join us on Facebook and Instagram as we celebrate this epic era that we get to be alive in!



Featured Image Source: James Marcus Haney x Heo Jae Young x Kim So Jung

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