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Niall Horan: The King of Music, Fashion, And Our Hearts

Niall Horan: The King of Music, Fashion, And Our Hearts

Niall Horan

Globally acclaimed musician Niall Horan has become the voice of a generation with his progressive and eclectic style. He is an astonishingly talented and charismatic musician with a dash of wit, a contagious laugh, sparkling blue eyes that sing on their own, and an enormous heart of gold. The charm of his Irish roots adds to his appeal. For over a decade now, he has owned our hearts and captured them for a lifetime.

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“I Like The Way You Talk…”

A man of many talents, Niall is passionate about making music, playing guitar, empowering golf, slaying fashion, enjoying a pint of Guinness, and of course, living life to the fullest. Known for his impeccable songwriting skills, distinctive voice, and rich Irish accent, Niall quickly rose to become an accomplished musician. His vast music repertoire ranges from heartfelt ballads, empowering anthems to sultry tunes that tap into universal emotions and human experiences through lyricism. Whether you want songs that resonate with your life experiences, or conjure up memories of summer days, or just want to party the night away, Niall Horan is the artist to watch!

Image Source: Niall Horan via Instagram
“I Like The Things You Wear…”

“Life is a runway! It’s time to bring what’s on the inside out, into the light!”

We have seen his style and confidence in terms of fashion evolve over the years. Niall Horan’s personal style is pretty much appealing to everyone, and he deserves credit for that. There’s nothing groundbreaking here but a sort of evergreen style without putting on a show that everyone can carry effortlessly. That’s why, no matter what the occasion is, one can adapt his elegant fashion styles to spruce up their look.

Image Source: Niall Horan via Instagram

Taking inspiration from the 50s-70s with a modern touch, Niall has an enviable wardrobe with the perfect mix of casuals to high-end and clothing. It includes jackets, denim, camp collar shirts, band and vintage t-shirts, straight-leg jeans and trousers, sneakers, designer sunglasses, and hats. In case you aren’t quite ready to rock shimmery bow blouses, expensive jackets, or colored hair yet, Niall Horan is here to your rescue! Let’s take a look at some of his recent styles that wowed us!

Niall Horan
Image Source: Niall Horan via Instagram
On The Road Again…

Niall Horan has taken complete control of his future after One Direction went on hiatus! Post boyband fame, he has carved a space for himself and mastered a classic, timeless fashion aesthetic that puts him on par with some of the greatest fashion icons. Style-wise, we witnessed an epic style transformation following the release of his debut solo album and again after releasing his sophomore album, Heartbreak Weather. Niall has established himself as a fashion icon to look up to with his printed shirts, vintage bands’ t-shirts painted with trousers, and more mature suit options for promos and red carpet events. Enjoy some of his outfits from the Flicker and Heartbreak Weather era.

Keeping It Natural And Humble

Niall has stayed loyal to his bleached blonde hair since the beginning, but the internet collectively gasped when he embraced his natural brown hair with the signature quiff. He has worn many hairstyles in the past, including short, fade-side parts, pompadour haircuts, and his most recent hairstyle has medium hair perfectly swept back and the sides neatly cropped.

Image Source: Niall Horan via Horan and Rose Event (1) and CBS Photo Archive (2)
Personal Style In Comfort

People tend to ignore their personal comfort when it comes to fashion. Trends dictate certain styles, cuts, and designs, but the fashion wave cannot fit everyone. You follow some, abandon some, and make some on your own. Niall might not be the most experimental dresser, but he knows how to make an outfit unique with tonal dressing, designer outerwear, or denim doubles. Beige, light pink, gray, and blue are some of the earthy shades he wears that look stunning on him!

Roll Out The Red Carpet

Niall is a huge fan of Paul Smith and often wears the brand’s suits and accessories. Team Paul Smith, we officially and respectfully request you to designate Niall Horan as your official brand ambassador. He loves you! We love you too! Horan loves fine men’s clothing and flaunts his styles at red carpet events and award shows. He has effortlessly carried velvet suits, checkered suits, zip-up suits, or double-breasted suits. Horan is sprucing up things by experimenting with shades, such as blue, purple, black, grey, pink, slate, etc. His refusal to wear a tie also means this needn’t be a button-up anymore.


Niall Horan is truly an Irishman at heart, and it is not a secret. With his dynamic personality and phenomenal talent with a dash of optimism, enthusiasm, inclusivity, and positivity, he has represented the ever-pleasant Ireland globally, becoming a household name. As a multifaceted creative, Niall ventured into sustainable fashion this year by becoming an investor and shareholder in a homegrown athleisure brand Gym+Coffee with ambitions to expand internationally. His passion for sports, fitness, and fashion is well known to us all, so this didn’t come as a surprise. Since consumers’ appetite for premium, durable, stylish, and functional athletic apparel is rapidly increasing, this is an enormous business opportunity with huge prospects.

It’s Golfing Time

Well, we don’t need to tell you how passionate he is about golf. Niall is trying to create an equal environment for young golfers, women, disabled golfers, and that is remarkable. It’s not surprising to see him attend different tournaments and play golf on various courses throughout the years. He also inspires us with his stylish sports apparel. Wear a comfy tee or polo shirt, a sporty track jacket, white ankle socks, and Nike golf trainers. Isn’t it the perfect outfit for a day on the course? Take a look below!

Life Is A Runway

Niall Horan has signed with one of the largest modeling agencies in the United States, Wilhelmina Models. As a part of the glamour and entertainment industries, we have experienced a wide range of photoshoots of Niall over the past years that have left us yearning for more.

Personal Merchandise

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love personalized products. As fans, we know you have collected all those merchandise items in abundance as we have over the years. We show our love and support by wearing and flaunting them, but it also feels like a special connection between the celebrity and their fans. Niall Horan often wears his own merchandise and looks ravishing. After all, nobody loves Niall Horan more than Niall himself, right? (although this writer would beg to differ.)


No matter what he wears, whether it’s a designer pair of sunglasses, printed socks, peaky blinders’ inspired hat, golf rings, necklace, or an ear-piercing, Niall Horan rocks it all to perfection. 

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You know we could keep on talking about Niall all day and all night long, but for your sake, let’s take a breather….. until the next time. A self-assured, empowered musician armed with an array of incredible songs, our Mullingar boy can’t be stopped.

What is your most favorite musical or fashion moment of Niall Horan? Have you met him and what do you like the most about him? We would love to hear your thoughts so let’s continue the conversation by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or down in the comments section below.

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Featured Image Source: Niall Horan via Instagram

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