Sam Fender Won’t ‘Get You Down’ On His New Piece!

Sam Fender Won’t ‘Get You Down’ On His New Piece!

Do you sometimes feel lonely? How do people cheer you up? South Shields’ indie rocker Sam Fender takes the UK and the world by storm with his sophomore album on the way. Seventeen Going Under is ready to roll out on October 8th. He won’t ‘Get You Down’ with his catchy music and new single drop this week!

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Never Let You Down!

Sam Fender’s ‘Get You Down’ is the kind of song that makes us happy and confident. The guitar intro is so vibrant and perfect for the big festival stages. “But tonight, tonight I’m gonna get you down/I catch myself in a mirror/See a pathetic little boy/Who’s come to get you down,” the chorus goes with raw emotions! ‘Get You Down’ unleash all the feels with the indie rock glamorous melody. It shines bright in our hearts and comforts us, knowing we are not alone in this rollercoaster of mixed sentiments. We can grow up through this. This track is the boost we need, the vocal tones being so reassuring.

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Your New Britpop Anthem!

Who’s ready to rock? Will you attend Sam Fender’s sold-out string of shows? We promised that these gigs won’t ‘Get You Down.’ The singer rocks on with his beautiful signature harmonies from Hypersonic Missiles and have lots to show with his inspiring upcoming record Seventeen Going Under. Hope you’ll be lucky enough to witness the overload energy on stage because it’s unmissable. We can’t wait to hear the live version of this fired-up new single. ‘Get You Down’ guitar hums float in the air and reverb into such a wonderful slide of high notes. Britpop fans, you’ll enjoy the drum crescendos and the euphoric vibes of Oasis and more in that new Sam Fender track. The anthemic sounds of the London singer bring us together with frantic rock lines. Stream Sam Fender’s ‘Get You Down’ here!

Have you preordered Seventeen Going Under already? Quickly head here if you forgot! From the singles out so far, is one of them close to your heart? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

Do you need more solid guitar riffs in your life? We got everything you ask for here!


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