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These Pentatonix Songs Make Us Feel Like The Lucky Ones

These Pentatonix Songs Make Us Feel Like The Lucky Ones

This is not a drill! Everyone’s favorite acapella group, Pentatonix, has released a deluxe version of their album The Lucky Ones, which includes five new songs and two remixes. The Lucky Ones has already cemented itself as one of the best albums of 2021, and then they went and added a total of seven more tracks for us to freak out over!

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We’re constantly blown away by the talent that exists within this group, one listen through this deluxe album and you’ll be convinced the five of them are among some of the most talented out there. And you’d be right! With the release of The Lucky Ones (Deluxe) here, it’s got us thinking about our top five favorite Pentatonix songs, so you know we have to break that down for you!

Stream the deluxe version of The Lucky Ones here!

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Let’s throw it back to 2015 with Pentatonix’s first original album, Pentatonix. The record is full of so many incredible tracks, however, ‘Misbehavin’ has got to be in our top two. ’Misbehavin’ live is *chef’s kiss* and has so many incredible vocal moments. The track is a beautiful love letter to the spouses of the group while they’re out on tour, away for long periods.

‘New Year’s Day’

Our top two off Pentatonix include ‘Misbehavin,’ which we already discussed, and then ‘New Year’s Day.’ ‘New Year’s Day’ feels like a fresh start in song form. The first time we heard “Tomorrow morning when we wake, This town will be a different place, And the past will wash away like coffee stains” we got full-body chills.

‘A Little Space’

There is a reason ‘A Little Space’ is our most played song on The Lucky Ones. If someone who had never heard of Pentatonix asked us to introduce them with one song, ‘A Little Space’ would be that song. It’s a damn good time and makes us want to dance.

‘Coffee In Bed’

Honestly, someone bringing us ‘Coffee In Bed’ is the ideal situation. We’re glad Pentatonix agrees. As always, all five of the members sound flawless in this song, however, Mitch steals the spotlight on ‘Coffee In Bed.’ We are blown away by the range in Mitch’s voice and could listen to this track on repeat and never get tired of it.

‘Love Me When I Don’t’

Lyrically, ‘Love Me When I Don’t’ is, in our opinion, the strongest Pentatonix song. ‘Love Me When I Don’t’ aside from being lyrically strong, is such an upbeat track that can turn our mood instantly. Each member of the group has their moment to shine and all together we can’t give this one enough praise.

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