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This Is What We Know So Far About Don’t Worry Darling

This Is What We Know So Far About Don’t Worry Darling

The worlds have collided into a cinematic piece of art that has been taking up all of our minds since the day we got to known about this movie. Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Olivia Wilde, Gemma Chan, and many others come together to bring us a masterpiece that will never leave our bodies… Don’t Worry Darling is coming!

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The Cast Of Casts

Directed by the stunning and super talented Olivia Wilde, the movie has brought a big list of people that are going to be part of this project. And yes, we are all not okay. The wonderful cast of the movie stars the one and only Florence Pugh, next to our favorite superstar Harry Styles. Also, we are gonna see the handsome Chris Pine and the woman that lives in our dreams, Gemma Chan and, also, we are not just gonna see the direction talent of Wilde, we are gonna have the chance to see the screen talent of one of the bests. Asif Ali, Douglas Smith, Nick Roll, and many many other names are part of the group of talented people that will be ready to blow your mind. We are looking for someone who can tattoo us in the movie, so please if you know someone, tell us!

Don´t Worry, The Plot Is Mind Blowing

As far as the world knows, Don´t Worry Darling will be a psychological thriller developed around the 1950s. Yes, we are gonna see the hot cast with the unique and stylish outfits from that decade. This is the end of us. The thriller tells the story of an unhappy wife (Florence Pugh), who starts questioning her mental stability after strange things start happening, Her husband, Jack aka Harry Styles is his lovely partner, who shares a deep dark secret. So far, harries, we know we all are thinking about fics… but this will be nothing like it! At the same time, the neighbor of the lovely couple (Chris Pine), will be a leader of a strange place like a cult, which will be bringing a paranoic sense to the movie… It is like Olivia Wilde is bringing the end of us with this movie!

Image Source: Olivia Wilde via Instagram

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Around the filming of the movie, we have been allowed to see small pieces of the movie. However, we haven´t gotten big spoilers, except some red stains on some of the characters… We are feeling there was a food fight and sauce was spilled. Don´t Worry Darling, cause this movie has been a secret for everyone, and we are gonna keep it like that so we can get full enjoyment of the movie. For now, we have been admiring the fashion of the movie, which we are loving. We almost changed our whole wardrobe for a 50´s vibe one when we saw our kings and queens dressed! They are not from this world!

We Cannot Breathe!

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and we were enjoying a little strawberry-lemon over ice drink when we saw the notification that made us spit the beverage. Ladies, Gentlemen, and people around, Don´t Worry Darling is coming up on September 23, 2022!

Olivia Wilde made our day by dropping a small teaser of the movie, which left all of us with our mouths opened, and without breath. Not only having a special sneak peek of the movie almost killed us but the scenes in it… Holly Harry Styles! How on Earth are we gonna be ready for this!

Besties, How Are We Feeling?

We are not okay! The Honey Pop HQ is upside down cause we are trying to calm down ourselves after watching the trailer of Don´t Worry Darling 12390 times. The movie that is gonna take on the world in a year! We have been going through social media, and we are gonna be clear, all the fandoms are freaking out as much as we are and we are loving it! If this mess was cause by just a 10 seconds teaser, the world is gonna collide after the movie is out!

We can´t wait to finally see these stunning faces on the big screen and on all the red carpets that this movie is going to have. Academy, start polishing your Oscars cause this movie is going to take everything!

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We are making a date so we can see Don´t Worry Darling together! Wanna join us? Tell us your opinion on what we have known about the movie so far on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop and vibe with us while we freak out about it!

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Featured Image Source: Olivia Wilde via Instagram

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