Damon Albarn Live For A Special Night!

Damon Albarn Live For A Special Night!

We’re sobbing for the right reasons! We can’t wait to see the legendary Gorillaz and Blur frontman Damon Albarn live for one night only. The announced global livestream from London’s The Globe raised our excitement for the upcoming masterpiece album The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows.

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Love Is Here!

As long as he can bring some swag, Damon Albarn’s solo work follows a zig-zag of emotions, from happiness to melancholia. The London prolific singer-songwriter preaches for love in all its forms. It can be heartbreaking on his classic ‘Tender’ or romantic on his latest track ‘Particles.’ “And sweeter the river, into which love grows/I have cried for you darling/Are you coming back to me?” he croons on his piano, like a cry along with the graceful set of strings. He goes full sentimental with his cracking and emotional voice. We should expect some teary moments on his upcoming performance on September 20th. The livestream will be set at The Globe Theater and fans around the world can witness the only sold-out show in their preferred timezone. Live the magic from the comfort of your home!

Sweet Harmonies

What would you want to hear on Damon Albarn’s Live At The Globe show? The storyteller has a lot to say! Eager to know how the sensible melodies of The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows could sound on stage? Do his classic tunes get you emotional? We think there will be a lot of great surprises and delicate interpretations of Damon’s poetry. We can guarantee that you could be starstruck by his metaphors and incredible rhymes. Scroll in all the details to attend the magical event here! Don’t forget to preorder the album here and enjoy the new singles to be ready for the special night! Blur fans, don’t miss it!

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It’s the return of the big scene legends these days. Do you want to know more? THP got all the news for you here!


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