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Jacob Sartorius Announces New EP Lost But Found

Jacob Sartorius Announces New EP Lost But Found

Jacob Sartorius Lost But Found

Our favorite boy Jacob Sartorius is making it a universal 19th birthday celebration with a new EP on the way, entitled Lost But Found! Set to drop on October 1st, Lost But Found will be a 5-song trip to euphoria and back. So, the only sane thing for you to do is pre-save the EP here and wait (im)patiently!

We couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter that Jacob is ready to share with us. We already heard ‘For Real,’ the The Truman Show-inspired track that playfully explores a sense of disconnection from reality. And recently, Jacob also shared ‘Hey, Hello, Goodbye,’ featuring dempsey hope, pulling the curtain on the stark realities of the disingenuous relationships. Seeing as these two absolute masterpieces are studded on Lost But Found, we can already fathom just how vulnerable, honest, and musically joyous it will be!

Having co-written each song on Lost But Found, Jacob Sartorius has also shared the writing room with some of pop’s hottest producers and songwriters. Get ready for The Invisible Men, Sam Ricci, Jake Crocker, Tony Rodini, Gehring Miller, and more. With three new songs, ‘lifesallgood,’ ‘Trapped in the Car,’ and ‘Fly Away,’ this EP is inevitably coming for our souls!

Jacob’s Most Vulnerable Project To Date!

Coming from a young adult like himself and constantly having to live a life under the spotlight, we know Jacob Sartorius will impact his audiences a lot with Lost But Found. We can’t wait to hear everything he has in store for us! From catchy alt-rock beats to powerful pop-punk ballads, the EP will channel the unflinching honesty of the ups-and-downs of his rise to fame: the chaos, the disconnect, the anxiety, and all that comes in-between. We don’t know about you, but we have goosebumps already!

This EP means a lot to me because it really lets people see a side of me that I’ve feared for a while. I’ve been very lost at times, and as an artist and an adult, I feel it’s my job to not sugarcoat what I’m feeling and be honest and real. I made this EP during a really uncertain and scary time in my life. I’m constantly learning and discovering new ways to cope with mental health, so I don’t have to rely on things that would hurt me long term. I just hope somebody can listen to my EP and think, ‘Wow, maybe I’m not alone in what I’m feeling,’ and have a positive impact on anyone dealing with the same things I am.

Jacob Sartorius on Lost But Found EP

We are so stoked for Jacob Sartorius and Lost But Found, and we bet you are too! Which song are you most excited to hear on the EP? Let us know in the comments or head over to our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Jacob Sartorius via Instagram

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