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Zayn’s Yellow Tape Broke The Internet!

Zayn’s Yellow Tape Broke The Internet!

Zayn is very discreet on socials and tweets a couple of times about UFC or good causes. It was so quiet these last few months and then he dropped the bomb. Following Nobody Is Listening and ‘Yellow Metal,’ the 25-minute rap uploaded on Soundcloud through KINGZ profile, we were taken by surprise with this Twitter drop! Zayn’s Yellow Tape is the explosive news of the day!

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Surprise, Surprise!

Like Directioners would say: “Vas Happenin’?” In the night from September 12th to 13th, Zayn tweeted a simple Dropbox link. Was he hacked? If we click on the link, is there a virus? Everyone was freaking out until, we, the fans noticed it was a folder containing three rap demo songs. New material from Zayn? The Bradford bad boy shocked a majority of fans with his new creations.

Image Source: Twitter/ @allthelove / translation: what is that link is this a virus?
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The Versatile King!

We got Zayn’s first incursion into the world of rap through the remix of the ‘PILLOWTALK’ remix with Lil Wayne. We knew how truthful our British fav is. Since day one of his solo career, he’s not afraid to speak up about his experiences with metaphors! On Zayn’s Yellow Tape, you got to “Read between the lines/Like you scanned bar codes” in ‘47 11’ or “Me I’m on a spaceship ’cause/I need space to make the next shift” he spits with confidence on ‘Grimez.’

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Music Is Therapeutic

Zayn’s Yellow Tape unveils his struggles. We can find some comfort in his bars. We know that we are not alone! We feel it’s the natural follow-up of ‘Calamity’ on his latest record! “I rap this, I say it for my sanity/Whatever the calamity, I did this for myself” he spoke in verses about many spheres of his life. Letting go of his thoughts is his kind of therapy!

Image Source: Twitter / @malloryb__

Break The Music Industry!

Not long after it drops, the demand was so big that the link broke. Surprising? Not really with the millions of fans following his every move! Malik probably knew our reactions, because he interacted with a few fans. Joking around, this stunning drop hit us like a huge bomb! Is it a teaser for Z4? Is he already working on the next album? You have time to speculate! The three songs on Zayn’s Yellow Tape are so different! We are used to ballads and poetry, especially on his Icarus Falls album or his latest collab with Ingrid Michaelson. Now, he exploits his songwriting to another level, keeping it high profile and with powerful messages of love, self-confidence, and peace.

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What do you appreciate the most about Zayn? Do you stream Nobody Is Listening as well as Icarus Falls and Mind Of Mine every day like us? His talent is undeniable and share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram!

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