Sad Night Dynamite ‘Psychedelic Views’ Isn’t A Skip!

Sad Night Dynamite ‘Psychedelic Views’ Isn’t A Skip!

Cold nights are coming faster than we thought and we need some grooves to warm us. Through smoke and mirrors, we love the hot beats from this Gorillaz-approved UK duo, Sad Night Dynamite. On some creative trip, they wrote their ‘Psychedelic Views,’ an ethereal piece of hip hop!

Sad Night Dynamite Psychedelic Views
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Neon Glows

Dream in psychedelic ways/Fall apart every day” kicks the chorus on Sad Night Dynamite’s ‘Psychedelic Views.’ Do you remember the Edgar Wright movie The Worlds End starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? Inspired by time in a strange pub, the English duo found their inner hallucinogenic inspiration to offer us the song of a lifetime! The colorful lyrical strand fits the diverse sound rainbow. “Couple hill, yellow hill, green hill, red hill, blue hill, windmill” rapper IDK pops in the track. The Denzel Curry collaborator adds swag to this kaleidoscopic production.

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Strange Hostels

Travel is back on track! What do you search for when you book a hotel room? Sad Night Dynamite’s ‘Psychedelic Views’ visuals turn into the world of creepy dreams, weird fantasies, and a sea of neon colors. Do you sometimes wish you found a better place to stay on vacation? Escape the ordinary. Dive into some kind of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting infused aesthetic on the Jamie Whitby-directed video. If you buzzed over Glass Animals’ latest sounds and short films, be sure to lend some ears to this explosive new duo. The Somerset, England, project embarks on a limited set of tour dates in the UK and North America. Don’t miss it and get your tickets here! Plunge and immerse into this new metaphoric world below!

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Featured Image Source: Sirus F

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