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There Is A Light, It’s The Newest Kacey Musgraves Album

There Is A Light, It’s The Newest Kacey Musgraves Album

Saying we’re massive Kacey Musgraves fans wouldn’t quite sum it up! Her relationship with her pen and ability to capture emotion in music is something we continue to be in awe of with each new project. We truly were not mentally prepared for the emotional rollercoaster star-crossed would take us on! But here we are! We have listened to the album about a million times, and have come up with a list of our top five songs we keep revisiting.

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Kacey really dragged this person to hell and back on this song, as she should! When people use other people for ‘clout’ or for financial gain they deserve to have their dirty laundry aired out. ‘breadwinner’ acts as a warning to future partners, letting them know what kind of person Kacey Musgraves realized she was married to.

‘if this was a movie..’

Well, we are currently in a puddle of tears. By far, ‘if this was a movie..’ is the saddest song on star-crossed. Having to look at the “what if” in a relationship because things are so bad is beyond heartbreaking. That is never the place you want to be, having to picture these movie moments because you’re not actually getting them. We are officially emotional wrecks. Everyone say thank you to Kacey Musgraves.

‘camera roll’

Yet another devastating track. star-crossed is truly making us feel like we’re the ones going through this life-altering heartbreak. After a breakup one of the hardest things is looking back at photos and videos of yourself happy with that person. We haven’t heard anyone talk about that part of a breakup in a song quite like Kacey Musgraves did here, with ‘camera roll.’

‘hookup scene’

The first line sets the scene for the entire song, “this hookup scene ain’t all that it’s made out to be.” Kacey Musgraves pleads with the listener in ‘hookup scene’ to appreciate what they have, while they have it, before they dive into a scene that leaves you feeling empty. We have to give our title of a favorite song on star-crossed to this song.

‘easier said’

star-crossed is one of the most cohesive, beautifully heartbreaking records we have ever heard. ‘easier said’ is one of the songs that best encapsulates our point. Going through the motions of everyday life, especially after heartbreak, really is, ‘easier said.’ Kacey Musgraves didn’t have to go off the way she did.

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Featured Image Source: Sophia Matinazad

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