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16 Nick Jonas Songs That Deserved To Be Singles

16 Nick Jonas Songs That Deserved To Be Singles

To the surprise of literally no one anywhere, Nick Jonas has been one of our celebrity crushes for well over a decade. As one-third of the Jonas Brothers, we first fell in love with him by watching Nick and his brothers on the Disney Channel. We grew up with them, watched them grow, live their dream, and somehow managed to survive their split-up (and their reconciliation). We’ve been through a lot with them and are so grateful to have them in our lives as adults.

However, while riding in the car the other day and despite our immense love for the JoBros, we couldn’t help but think about how the Nick Jonas solo projects have given us some of our absolute favorite Nick songs – EVER! Some of those were never released as singles, heard only by those who constantly live in a Nick Jonas induced musical trance and streamed every album – repeatedly (that would be us, in case you didn’t figure that out).

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So, that spawned the idea of this article: 16 Nick Jonas songs that deserved to be singles, and we’ll be listing songs from every solo Nick album (in order, but minus Nicholas Jonas) that should’ve been awarded that honor. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Nick Jonas & The Administration

‘Rose Garden’

This song has so much emotion behind it, and we find it to be astronomically beautiful. It’s got enough of an upbeat rhythm to it where you can dance to it but not so much that it takes away from the poetic story Nick is telling as he sings. It’s a masterpiece, as was this entire album, and it deserved better.

‘Olive & An Arrow’

Again with these lyrics, Nicholas, LET.US.BREATHE! This song is the epitome of magic, and if you disagree, you’re wrong! No, WE’RE KIDDING, but we can’t understand how anyone wouldn’t like this song and how it managed to NOT sweep through the nation like a perfect storm – it’s flawless.

‘Conspiracy Theory’

Grab your dancing shoes for this one because it is a showstopper! It is a feel-good track, and we think that that exact thing gives it a leg up to its competition and would’ve smashed it as an official single!

‘State Of Emergency’

We feel like we are in a state of emergency after we listen to this song. It’s very reminiscent of a Stevie Wonder track, and Nick’s vocals are swoon-worthy on this track, and that alone would’ve been a selling point as a single. However, the hip-swaying beats are what keep you coming back for more.

Nick Jonas/Nick JonasX2


Everything about this song screams “hit,” but alas, we never got this as a single, and it’s one of our favorite songs off of this album. This album, overall, showed a more grown-up side to Nick that we hadn’t gotten in his music much before this, and it was refreshing but also a bit of a “holy frick” moment.


This song is gorgeous! The music takes our breath away along with Nick’s vocals – both smooth and sultry. This song should’ve been a huge hit and is highly underrated, but we are thankfully blessed to be able to listen to it every day anyway.

‘Numb’ Ft. Angel Haze

This collab is what has been keeping us alive for the past few years, and we show no signs of giving it up anytime soon. This song is such a bop and deserves to be on top of every playlist in existence. Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but we said what we said.

‘Take Over’

Nick Jonas’ bad boy side? This song brings that back full force, and we aren’t mad about it in the slightest. What we are mad about is how slept on this song is, YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT, AND YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT RIGHT NOW! Seriously, it’s worth the hype we’re giving it, and you won’t regret falling in love with this song!

Last Year Was Complicated


We are fully obsessed with this banger and all it has to offer. Nick’s goosebump-inducing vocals are unlike anything we’ve heard from his solo career before, and we mean that in the best way possible! This song definitely could’ve been a No.1 hit if it had been released as a single, but it’s never too late to bring this back into the minds of those that have forgotten (or never knew it to begin with) and get this baby the top spot it deserves.


Man, this song created a tsunami of emotions inside us. We get goosebumps and heart palpitations and can’t help but shed a few tears every time we play it. It’s ethereal and raw, and this would’ve set the world on fire had it been released as a single, and we fully believe it still has the potential to spark up again in the future.

‘Under You’

Back at it with the feel-good beats, this song sings to our souls that crave deep bass lines and foot-tapping rhythms. We’re not sure why Nick chose not to release this one as a single, but it would’ve popped off! Maybe we can bring it back in a TikTok craze of some kind? We’d be down for that!

‘Don’t Make Me Choose’

This album cut deep with the lyrics, and this song is one of many with relatable and honest lyrics. We love getting the deeper side of Nick, and this song is so catchy and stays stuck in our heads. What can we say except that we adore everything about it?

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Spaceman (Deluxe)


This is THE song. This song needs to be single like yesterday, and we need a petition for that immediately! The amount of love expressed in this song makes our hearts swell with joy, pride, and adoration. It’s more than beautiful- it’s exquisite and passionate and just perfect. Imagine how powerful a single like that would be?!

‘Selfish’ Ft. Jonas Brothers

Okay, this one might be cheating because it features his brothers but isn’t a Jonas Brothers song, but it’s ultimately a power anthem, and we find ourselves singing along to this daily. It stays stuck in our heads, and if we’re being honest, it might be our favorite song on this entire album. It would slay as a single, and we need it!


We love seeing how much Nick has grown as an artist from his earliest solo debut to now. His vocals have gotten stronger, and you can tell his songwriting comes from his heart. This song is one of many examples of that, and we find it flawless. It’s a masterfully created track with Earth-shattering qualities.

‘Don’t Give Up On Us’

Another masterfully created track, this track is perfection in the form of a song. The layered vocals create a dynamic and other-worldly experience. This would be one powerful single, and we would love to see it take over the world!

Alright, Nick Jonas fans, there you have it, 16 of our favorite songs that should’ve been singles! We want to hear from you! What songs do you feel like should’ve been singles? Which Nick album is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Cynthia Park Hurst via Nick Jonas’ official Instagram

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