Alice Merton Is Our New Super ‘Hero!’

Alice Merton Is Our New Super ‘Hero!’

Have you ever dreamed to be a hero? Do you think you have ‘No Roots’ for it? Never mind, Germany-based Alice Merton got the solution for you! Be the knight or the princess in shiny armor to save your loved ones! The singer-songwriter speaks up and gives us some tips on the new double AA side single ‘Hero/Island.’

Alice Merton
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Do You Give It Up?

Alice Merton’s ‘Hero’ doesn’t give us ‘Vertigo.’ As a natural follow-up, she dives into a voluptuous road trip. Her deep vocals found their way into a cinematic music game, playing with harmonies to tell a story. “Sometimes I wish I was the hero in your story/I’d save you from yourself/You’re keeping a straight face/So what am I to do?,” Alice Merton croons in ‘Hero.’ You wish for something or to make someone happy. Although, it’s not as easy. We often give it up! Those who like the fervent pop attitude of Bebe Rexha or the dark poetic side of Lorde would love to hear Alice’s stellar work.

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Strand On The ‘Island’

Alice Merton’s ‘Hero’ is not the only surprise she released lately. She squeaks like a bird, a lovely one, on the new track ‘Island.’ Think about the floral escapes of Florence And The Machine and the intense and strong vocals of Becky Hill all mixed in one whole track. The electronic instrumentation sparkles over the high-pitched notes and its sounds are so mystical. Strand on the ‘Island’ and listen to the melancholic and dreamy vibes. First, watch the ‘Hero’ video and witness the angsty relationships where they both try over and over to share happiness, but can’t work it out. The dramatic visuals from director Anuk Rohde hook us from the beginning to the end. Become a ‘Hero’ and find your heavenly place on an ‘Island’ here.

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Music is a huge part of our lives and soundtracks for every particular moments. We got more songs to fill your heroic days over here!


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