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We’re Manifesting These Songs To Be Performed At BTS’s Permission To Dance On Stage

We’re Manifesting These Songs To Be Performed At BTS’s Permission To Dance On Stage

ARMY, we truly have been blessed this year. As we reach the end of the third quarter of 2021, BTS have proven no signs of slowing down with their activities as they’ve just announced their brand new online concert Permission To Dance On Stage. Honestly, we’ve never been so fast in checking our bank accounts and putting money to one side to nab a ticket. 

Taking place on October 24th, just over a year since Map of the Soul ON:E and a few short months since SOWOOZOO, Permission To Dance On Stage will once again see the superstar septet connect with beloved fans in the best way possible while most of the world still has restrictions that prevent an in-person show. While we wait for more info to drop on Weverse about getting tickets and what to expect, we’ve been thinking about the setlist. We know we’re likely to for sure see songs such as ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Butter,’ ‘Permission To Dance,’ ‘Life Goes On,’ and ‘Boy With Luv’ as well as a few other regulars. We know that BTS has such an extensive category of music, so we thought if the boys are still needing to add a few songs to their show, we’d give them a helping hand. 

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Listen. We stand with our fellow ARMY with justice for ‘Paradise’ and will die on this hill that it deserves so much more. We managed to get Jungkook to perform a small part recently so progress has been made but we are still in need of the full OT7 concert performance, it is much needed. Min Yoongi’s “mmm-mmm’s”?! Come ON. Whatever it takes for us to get this to happen, lads, consider it done.

‘House of Cards’ 

This is a true masterpiece by the vocal line. It’s easily James Bond movie material, and we completely freak out at every performance. It would be amazing to witness this one live once more and we think with the incredible technology that BigHit and HYBE use for these shows, it could be revived in a whole new way for this concert. A true BTS classic that needs more love as new songs bury it down the discography.

‘Louder Than Bombs’ 

We know how BTS would often mention Troye Sivan as someone they wanted to work with and as of Map of the Soul: 7, their wish has been granted. So we’re not gonna lie, we did have to dig out our clown costumes when they didn’t perform it at Map of The Soul ON:E or even muster. We know this would truly be amazing to witness a live performance of and we don’t want it to be another ‘Paradise’ situation. Bangtan, please hear us out here and add her to the list! 

‘We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal’

This is truly such a special song for both BTS and ARMY and we know that everyone is feeling the frustration of being unable to be together in person for a concert in almost two years, so this song would be the perfect way to remind us all how we are together forever bulletproof. We are so strong, especially when we have each other, and this song pretty much sums that up perfectly.  

‘Outro: Tear’

Watching back performances of this being performed live, the energy and the emotion that the rap line put into this, plus the nostalgia of their last in-person tour (and Dior Hobi) we would be thriving to see this performed live once again. It truly gets our blood pumping and channels all our inner emotions that need out, and these boys seriously pop the heck off during it, too.

A Solo Medley 

Remember how during SOWOOZOO they each sang a few lines of their solo songs? Okay, but imagine that as an actual performance. We know seven full songs may be a bit much if we’ve only got a set amount of time so how about a medley that blends the songs into one another. Each member could be in an area of their own where the camera cuts to each of them when it’s their turn. We were thinking ‘Bicycle’ for RM, ‘Abyss’ for Jin, ‘People’ for SUGA AKA Augst D, ‘Blue Side’ for j-hope, ‘Promise’ for Jimin, ‘Winter Flower’ for V, and ‘Still With You’ for Jungkook, though honestly any song they choose would be incredible. See, BigHit? You should really hire us. We are geniuses. 

‘Look Here’

We do love the Dark & Wild era and have serious nostalgia for it, and ever since we got a snippet of it during BTS Room Live for Festa, we’ve been daydreaming about a full performance from current Bangtan. We love how they gave ‘No More Dream’ a glow up to fit their current vibes, and think they have the capability to do that for ‘Look Here’ too.

‘My Universe’

We know it’s not out right now, but it will be by the time Permission To Dance On Stage is here. We’re really hoping that BTS are one step ahead of us and have worked out plans to have this performed live, but if not we’d love to take a moment to remind them how they had the likes of Halsey, Steve Aoki, and Lauv perform with them through the internet for BigHit’s NYE event and we just know Coldplay would be game for this, too. Our Coldtan hearts need a live performance of ‘My Universe,’ we’re pleading over here!

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What would you love BTS to perform? Will you be getting tickets to Permission To Dance On Stage? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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