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Camila Cabello Sprawls Out For The Cover Of Hunger Magazine

Camila Cabello Sprawls Out For The Cover Of Hunger Magazine

Our girl, Camila Cabello is, quite literally, on a roll on the cover of the latest issue of Hunger Magazine. It’s safe to say 2021 is her year. Starting with the release of the bedazzling, pop track ‘Don’t Go Yet‘ deep-seated in her Cuban roots, the lead single off of her upcoming album Familia – third in line since debut album Camila and 2019’s Romance– later in the year, she also transformed into literal Cinderella in Amazon Studios’ reimagined adaptation of the classic – with a twist, very Camila-esque. God bless the casting team. Let’s hear what she has to say in the following segments.

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On Familia

Going into more details about her process for Familia, she told Hunger Magazine :

Looking ahead, Cabello says she’s excited for fans to hear Familia, which she feels has greater “intimacy” than her previous albums because she worked so closely with core collaborators Scott Harris, Ricky Reed and Mike Sabath. Because she trusted them implicitly, Cabello says she was able to “freestyle” during recording sessions and really pour her heart out. “You know, there’s one song [I’ve recorded for the album] where I’m talking about my mental health and anxiety without [specifically] saying it’s about anxiety,” she says. “But it’s about what anxiety looks and feels like for me in my body and in my mind. And that wasn’t something I came into the room intending to write about. Ricky just showed me a piece of music he had and it all came out of me.”

Camila on her upcoming album, Familia, via Hunger Magazine

On Dating In The Public Eye

The pandemic has been a hard time for everyone including, Camila. One of the positive outcomes of it has been, as she has herself stated, is how she and boyfriend Shawn Mendes got to spend plenty of their time with each other and their families, in isolation as they quarantined in their Miami home.

What’s that sound? Oh, that’s just our #Shawmila hearts fluttering.

But being two of the biggest pop stars of our times, and dating comes with a price.

“I feel like the public and the media could almost have become a third person in our relationship,” she says. “But that’s not been a thing for us because Shawn and I don’t even look at social media like that. Even though we know it’s there, it’s almost like it doesn’t exist for us. And that’s why we don’t live in LA. We live in Miami or Toronto, where there’s less paparazzi and that kind of attention is less of a thing.”

Camila Cabello via Hunger Magazine

On Social Media and Fashion

A recent development in Miss Cabello has been noticed by fans which is her very new and very welcome presence on TikTok. Her videos are so fun and god d*mn, what is better than a Camila Cabello TikTok, cleansing our mostly-trash timelines. Besides the fun side of the story, she uses her social media platforms which sports 54.5 million followers on Instagram and 11.9 million on TikTok to talk about issues like body shaming and human rights issues surrounding her homeland Cuba among other things.

In July, Cabello shared a well-received video explaining that recent protests in Cuba aren’t “about lack of Covid resources and medicine,” but are really “the latest layer in a 62-year-old story of a communist regime and a dictatorship.” She says speaking out in this way was a matter of moral obligation for her. “You know, I’m Cuban and I still have family on the island,” she says – Cabello was born in Havana, then moved to Miami with her parents when she was six. “And so much of what I do is Cuban culture. I mean, ‘Havana’ is one of my most successful songs so far,” she adds. “So when I’m in the United States, showing the beautiful part of Cuban culture, I feel like I also have to be there for the hard part, for the people there who are struggling.”

Camila Cabello via Hunger Magazine

Honestly, her Instagram is a treat to look at, often featuring her gorgeous beau, Shawn, and their adorable ‘Covid puppy’-Tarzan. She also recently shared with us lucky fans, how fashion has become a major part of her self-expression lately, and hell yes, we love a self-loving queen! I mean, she “wore this dress for a little drama” so… you go, girl! Did you see her go all purple for her first-ever Met Gala? Two words – jaw-droppingly gorgeous. That’s three but it’s never enough for mi reina, Camila.

On The Pandemic And Mental Health

Being one of the ardent promoters of Mental Health Awareness in the industry she understands the importance of keeping healthy, both physically and mentally, and expresses how the pandemic has been for her to the interviewer:

“But in terms of my mental health, before that particular moment, I was really approaching… ” The 24-year-old pauses, then corrects herself. “I mean, I don’t think I was even approaching, I think I was burned out. And I feel like that necessary forced pause [caused by the pandemic] just allowed me to look at my life differently. It allowed me to recalibrate what makes me happy and what is important to me. I feel like it saved me in a lot of ways.”

Cabello has spoken candidly in the past about her struggles with anxiety, which in turn led to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Today, she likens managing this anxiety to a “constant ebb and flow”, which is made easier by her new therapist, but says the pandemic let her rethink her attitude towards work. “I’m fortunate enough to choose what I say yes and no to,” she explains. “That’s what’s really important to me this time around. If it’s affecting my mental health in a negative way, I’ll say no and do it another way.”

Camila Cabello on Mental Health via Hunger Magazine

And honestly, hearing that makes us so so proud of you Camila. God knows, the world needs more people like you, who, despite being so far away, seem so real, humane, and relatable.

Image Source: Max Montgomery for Hunger Magazine

On Cinderella

Talking about her venture into the silver screen with a modern-day adaptation of Kay Cannon’s Cinderella, the ‘Havana’ songstress told Hunger:

Cabello stars as the title character opposite Broadway legend Idina Menzel as her non-wicked stepmother and Pose actor Billy Porter as her fairy godparent. According to Cabello, these reimagined characters are just two of the film’s progressive elements. “Those classic fairy tales were all written by men. That’s why the story [of Cinderella] is that of a woman who’s saved by a prince,” Cabello says. “But in our version, which is written and directed by a woman, she’s saved herself and is trying to build her own life. It’s a much more empowering version of the story.”

See Also

In fact, Cabello’s Cinderella story has “no evil people in it at all,” because it places the focus firmly on the heroine’s self-actualization. “Cinderella’s dream is to live an independent life at a time when women aren’t allowed to have careers,” she explains. “So she’s seeing something that’s wrong in the world and not waiting for someone else to correct it for her – she’s doing it herself. I think that’s a really necessary, positive update.”

Camila Cabello on acting in and as Cinderella via Hunger Magazine

Safe to us, for us at THP Camila’s Cinderella is our favorite version of Cinderella to date. You seriously need to watch it if you haven’t already. A sweet treat is what it is.

Camila is a force to reckon with, as is evident from her interview with Hunger Magazine, the gorgeous photographs-which by the way you can order, right here -and the amount of work she’s been putting out whilst being such an inspirational and reliable role model for her fans. We hope she knows how much we Camilizers love her and how happy we are for her, for having reached a place where she’s always wanted to be!

Let’s show her some of that love by dropping some nice words under her ‘Don’t Go Yet‘ music video. It’s a visual extravaganza, so if not for anything else, watch it for clear skin. It works, we swear!

For more on our favorite, “million to one”Señorita‘ and everything pop music find us @TheHoneyPop or in the comments below!


Featured Image Source: Max Montgomery for Hunger Magazine

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