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Kehlani’s Spirituality Shimmers Through New Song ‘Altar’

Kehlani’s Spirituality Shimmers Through New Song ‘Altar’

Hold your breaths, R&B Nation! Our beautiful queen Kehlani has just dropped ‘Altar,’ the first single off her upcoming album Blue Water Road. The infectious, thought-provoking tune has not left our heads since we first heard it. Listen to ‘Altar’ right here to know what we are talking about!

It does not need an explanation – we know what Kehlani means when she sings. With ‘Altar,’ she builds up pulsating anticipation before leaving us in our thoughts and feelings. Sounding angelic as always amidst infectious beats, she once again makes her music relatable without a filter. The song automatically plays you a train of memories in your head and induces a hint of nostalgia. And when we knew what the song was about, it left us in a trance, with goosebumps on our skin.

Kehlani Calls Out To Her Elders In ‘Altar’ Music Video

We love everything that Kehlani does! And we love it, even more, when she shows us her mind. The ‘Altar’ music video encapsulates the essence of the song perfectly. While it opens up with a mix of mystery and eerie, the visuals quickly give way to extravagant sets and beautiful outfits. She sings to her ancestors, makes offerings, and invites them to stay in contact with her. Watch the music video below:

“If I set a flame, and I call your name, I’ll fix you a plate,” captures her yearning. She depicts one of her elders clad in white like a spirit as her dance partner. The visuals are a perfect embodiment of the belief that we are closer to our loved ones when they are gone. We need only listen to them. An ode to all our elders and loved ones who are heaven-bound, Kehlani’s ‘Altar’ is a heart-warming song. And we already can’t wait for the rest of Blue Water Road to arrive!

The New Kehlani Album Will Be Ours This Winter

I found myself joy, fun, expressive, really beautiful moments on there, and I’m happy about it. I am happy, and I am spiritually grounded, spiritually well-rounded. Life is good! Shoutout to all my elders, to people that taught me everything that I needed to know to become who I’m becoming.

Kehlani on Blue Water Road and ‘Altar’ via her Instagram Live

Oh, this is gonna be a long wait, but fret not Tsunami Mob! Kehlani has put out an album trailer that you can watch below. We will throw hands, shed tears, listen to stories, and dance along to this album, for sure.

While we anxiously wait, let us know how you liked ‘Altar?’ Are you excited for more new music from Kehlani just as we are? Tell us in the comments or hit us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Kehlani via Instagram

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