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Mamamoo Prove They Are Timeless With Their New Album – Here Are 4 Of Their Best Eras

Mamamoo Prove They Are Timeless With Their New Album – Here Are 4 Of Their Best Eras

K-Pop powerhouse Mamamoo are back with a new best-of album! These queens have recorded new versions of some of their best title tracks and B-side tracks. The track list features 23 songs, including two new songs titled ‘Happier Than Ever’ and ‘Mumumumuch.’

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Mamamoo have also released a music video for ‘Mumumumuch,’ and a special concert video for ‘Don’t Be Happy.’ The compilation album I Say Mamamoo: The Best is 90 minutes of remakes and new bops. So yes, it will be on repeat for the foreseeable future.

Image Source: RBW Entertainment via Twitter (Left to right: Wheein, Moonbyul, Solar, Hwasa)

We at THP loved listening Mamamoo’s top hits from their debut in June 2014 to now. Here are four of our favorite Mamamoo eras!

Piano Man

We’re starting off the list with Mamamoo’s second EP Piano Man, which included a track of the same name and ‘Gentleman,’ a jazzy collaboration with their labelmate Esna. The EP was released in November 2014, only months after their debut. This retro-inspired era is truly one of Mamamoo’s most memorable eras. And their 2021 version of ‘Piano Man’ shows just how timeless their songs are. Now, seven years later, we’re still singing along!


Memory is Mamamoo’s fourth EP, released in November 2016. This mini-album featured the iconic title track ‘Décalcomanie.’ There were also two subunit songs, one by the rap line (Moonbyul and Hwasa), and the other by the vocal line (Solar and Wheein). This era showed off Mamamoo’s charming stage presence. And we can’t get enough of Mamamoo’s 2021 remake of ‘Décalcomanie!’

White Wind

Mamamoo’s ninth EP White Wind, released in March 2019, is another one of our favorite eras. The EP included the super catchy title track ‘Gogobebe‘ and amazing B-side tracks like ‘Bad Bye,’ ‘My Star,’ and ‘Paint Me.’ The best-of album features a rock version of ‘Gogobebe’ and an orchestra version of ‘Paint Me.’ Basically, all of Mamamoo’s songs fit just about every music style.

Mamamoo new album has rock version of 'Gogobebe'
Image Source: RBW Entertainment via Facebook

Reality In Black

Our list of favorite eras would not be complete without the group’s second full-length album Reality in Black. And this album was also released in November 2019 (we’re noticing a trend here). Mamamoo didn’t let us skip any song on this album, especially not ‘Hip,’ ‘4x4ever,’ or ‘Reality.’ This era was everything. And it just got better with the remix version of ‘Hip.’

Mamamoo new album has remix version of 'Hip'
Image Source: RBW Entertainment via Facebook

Of course, Mamamoo’s releases always manage to blow us away. They really are that girl group. The new songs ‘Happier Than Ever’ and ‘Mumumumuch’ are so dreamy. We love the variety of music styles in their best-of album. We could listen to it all day! And we will.

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Featured Image Source: RBW Entertainment via Twitter

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