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New Music Weekly: PRETTYMUCH, Nessa Barrett and More!

New Music Weekly: PRETTYMUCH, Nessa Barrett and More!

It’s that time of week again! We’re here to countdown what’s best of new music, and we can confirm every track/album on this list is incredible! We hope you find a new favorite track!

Mastodon – ‘Pushing The Tides’
Image Source: Reprise Records

Stream ‘Pushing The Tides’ here!

We’re getting a ninth studio album from Mastodon called Hushed and Grim on October 29th, but first, let’s celebrate their newest single ‘Pushing The Tides.’ We think ‘Pushing The Tides’ is the perfect track to get everyone stoked for what a kickass album Hushed and Grim will be!

Avi Mack – ‘Maybe Never’
Image Source: Planetary Group

Stream ‘Maybe Never’ here!

On this week’s New Music Weekly we’re bringing you the newest track from South-African-based pop star, Avi Mack. ‘Maybe Never’ sounds straight out of all of our 80s pop dreams, it’s so bright and yet the lyrics just hit different.

Dallas – ‘Issues’
Image Source: Near To God

Stream ‘Issues’ here!

Looking for a new alt-pop artist to support? Look no further than Dallas with ‘Issues.’ The alt-pop scene has become one of the genres we cover the most on New Music Weekly, and we have to say, Dallas is right up there with the best of them. We can easily see ‘Issues’ being on an early 2000s soundtrack, that’s high praise because those are the best.

Clubhouse – ‘Flipside’
Image Source: AWAL Recordings

Stream ‘Flipside’ here!

As we live out the last few weeks of summer weather ‘Flipside’ comes in and acts as the backing track to those memories. The track is like a day at the beach, so serene and perfect indie-pop. BRB, we’re going to do a deep dive on Clubhouse’s whole discography.

Weird Genius – ‘Future Ghost’
Image Source: Astralwerks Records

Stream ‘Future Ghost’ here!

Asia’s biggest dance trio is here with their newest single ’Future Ghost.’ As clubs reopen and we imagine a life with festivals again, ‘Future Ghost’ will be on repeat as we dance the night away. You immediately get all the serotonin of the best dance tracks, and immediately want to be in a field full of thousands of people listening to ‘Future Ghost’ live.

Zach James Douglas – 6×3
Image Source: ZJD Records

Stream 6×3 here!

We’ve got an entire Zach James Douglas EP to gush about! 6×3 is a perfectly cohesive project, through and through. Every single feature knocked it out of the park especially on our favorite track ‘Even as the Knife Went Through.’

Glass Animals – ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)’
Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)’ here!

Glass Animals truly are one of the best bands around. All you have to do to be convinced of that fact is to listen to ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)’ one time. We’ve got so much club/dance music on this week’s New Music Weekly, and we’re not mad about it!

Talking is great, don’t get me wrong. But this pandemic has made so many of us look inwards in a way we maybe haven’t before. The uncertainty in the world and the inability to go out and create new memories makes you dig deep into the past. It really fed people’s deepest insecurities and rattled our foundations in so many ways. Relationships changed, friendships altered, and self-confidence was warped. I spent a lot of time talking to my dog, but even more time talking to myself in my head, which was keeping me up all night, and my friends and family were doing the same. It felt like we were all put in a pressure cooker, but there was no way to let out the steam. That’s what this track is about – that pressure cooker exposing and expanding so many cracks, but struggling to fill them in and decompress. I want people to switch their devices off, put this song on, close their eyes, and have that release for a moment

Dave Bayley

Sara Diamond – ‘Hollywood (U & Me)’
Image Source: Cyor Sound

Stream ‘Hollywood (U & Me)’ here!

We can’t get over the line “Hollywood’s got nothing on you and me.” We’ve never heard love compared to the romanticization of Hollywood before, but it’s beyond genius. Everyone give Sara Diamond a round of applause.

When you’re with someone who believes in your dream, no amount of glitter and allure can pull you away from them. I wanted to express that sentiment in a song, so what better way than to compare a love so great to the glamour of Hollywood

Sara Diamond

Tom King – ‘Freedom’
Image Source: Courtesy of Tom King

Stream ‘Freedom’ here!

Tom King has one of the best voices in music, we’ve said it before and we are sure we’ll say it again. Everyone needs to be aware! ‘Freedom’ is all about that period of finally being out of the relationship, feeling that weight lifted off your shoulders. We can hardly believe we’re getting an entire EP to cry to on October 22nd!

Bahari – ‘Ways Of Love’
Image Source: Epic Records

Stream ‘Ways Of Love’ here!

We have become obsessed with the duo that is Bahari. Everything about their sound has drawn us in. Especially with this sultry-pop track ‘Ways Of Love.’ More and more we’re seeing genuine fantastic pop music make its way back into our lives.

John-Robert – ‘Good Company’
Image Source: _illmalec on Instagram

Stream ‘Good Company’ here!

John-Robert is described as giving “baby Leonardo Dicaprio vibes, and honestly, we see it! We’re always going to be down for sad-pop that we can vibe to. ‘Good Company’ is bringing exactly that to our New Music Weekly. We see a long career ahead for John-Robert.

Nessa Barrett – pretty poison
Image Source: Warner Records

Stream pretty poison here!

It’s here! Our girl Nessa Barrett has finally released her EP pretty poison! Every single track further proves Nessa is well on her way to being one of the biggest pop stars in music, and rightfully so. Our favorite tracks are of course, ‘i hope ur miserable until ur dead’ and ‘i wanna die.’

See Also

PRETTYMUCH – ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave’
Image Source: Sire Records

Stream ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave’ here!

Our boys are back!! We’re finally getting our dream song from PRETTYMUCH with a feature from Jeremih. We’ve been vibing to ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave’ since its release and honestly, don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We’re ready for more R&B music from PRETTYMUCH in the future!

María Isabel – i hope you’re very unhappy without me
Image Source: Warner Records

Stream i hope you’re very unhappy without me here!

Truly María Isabel might have the best EP title of all time. The mixture of both English and Spanish songs on i hope you’re very unhappy without me is stunning. Our favorite track off the EP comes at the very end with ‘I Loved You.’ Such an incredibly beautiful track.

Bleu Clair – ‘Amani’
Image Source: Insomniac Records

Stream ‘Amani’ here!

We’ve got even more dance music for you all this round of New Music Weekly! This time it comes from Bleu Clair, who are fantastic by the way, joined by Jargen. ‘Amani’ is to put it simply, a total blast. We can already picture all the raves and underground sets we will hear this song played at.

The Slow Readers Club – ‘Tell No Lies’
Image Source: Velveteen Records

Stream ‘Tell No Lies’ here!

‘Tell No Lies’ feels like such a huge song, it feels like a constant build. We feel like we’d listen to this track as we were working out or trying to get pumped up for anything. We’d compare the sound of The Slow Readers Club to a meeting of Wallows and Imagine Dragons, they’re fantastic.

Gene Dante – ‘L.I.E (Do You Wanna)’
Image Source: The Secret Bureau of Art & Design

Stream ‘L.I.E. (Do You Wanna)’ here!

We’re ending this New Music Weekly on a high note! ‘L.I.E. (Do You Wanna)’ is the perfect party song for any rock lover. We’ve had this track on a loop since our first listen, it’s unlike anything else we’re hearing right now.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track on this week’s New Music Weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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