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The Bees Knees Rising Stars Rocks Our Fall Playlists!

The Bees Knees Rising Stars Rocks Our Fall Playlists!

It’s this time of the week! The Bees Knees’ rising stars put some enjoyment in our lives again. Rock on, feel the good vibes, and keep smiling. Discover this week’s jams from every sphere of the world. THP team got your playlist sorted!

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Jasmine Thompson – ‘after goodbye’

Are you in a melancholic mood? Do you shed a tear when you listen to angelic voices complain with their guitars? If you like the poetic vibes it goes with, Jasmine Thompson’s ‘after goodbye’ is the ultimate breakup song. As Trousdale‘s latest pieces, Jasmine’s delicate song doesn’t need to have lots of complex orchestration. The guitar hums softly and the voice comes along in magnificent harmony.

I saw you at the coffee shop with your other half/I’m happy for you but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be sad,” she ends the song with a bang. It’s hard to move on at some point, don’t you think? Co-written by Olivia Rodrigo collaborator Casey Smith, ‘after goodbye’ folk tempo brings all the stripped emotions with the tearjerking lyricism. Stream ‘after goodbye’ from everywhere on the planet here!

Oberhofer – ‘Let It Go’

Enter a psychedelic universe with the melodies from Oberhofer! The Bees Knees rising stars of the week forget all their problems and ‘Let It Go.’ The Brooklyn artist announced at the same time a new album in 6 years, Smothered, with a star-studded lineup of collaborators. From The Strokes Nick Valensi to King Princess, the new album looks pretty exciting! With the psychedelia of Modest Mouse, the smoky melody vibes, and bright guitar hums, ‘Let It Go’ gives a very good taste of what’s coming up! “I wanna build a house with you,” Oberhofer repeats on the track.

Forgive the bad vibes and unite with your loved ones. Simplicity is the key! Enjoy the little things and don’t concentrate on what bugs you in your relationship with others! Along with smooth electronics, the instrumentation draw in a beautifully soulful and shoegaze piece. Feel the magic and add ‘Let It Go’ to your playlist on your fav app here! Don’t miss Smothered when it’s out! Preorder here!

Odette – Offcuts

The Bees Knees dig down under for another brilliant edition full of rising stars. Australian songstress Odette offers Offcuts, a collection of stripped-down versions of her songs, including a very special version of AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck.’ The Australian singer showcases an elegant pairing of piano and voice on her new EP. It was important for her to unleash uncomplicated versions that weren’t altered by complex melody lines.

The chords and strings go emotional in these reimagined ballads originally from her album Herald that you can stream here. Offcuts are fuelled with dramatic high notes and deep harmonies. The piano lines pour our hearts out and let our feelings grow more and more! Read, stream, watch videos and have fun with Odette here.

Sueco – ‘Paralysed’

Did you have a rough day? No problem, we got the perfect song to let it go! Los Angeles-based on the rise artist Sueco is ‘Paralyzed’ when he met the love of his life! At the same time, he knew it couldn’t last forever. “You’re like a timebomb tickin’ away/Thirty seconds ’til you blow up right in my face/I can’t find one good reason to stay/So why do I hate when you’re walkin’ away?” he blasts with such power on the fierce track!

Do you love the energy of Machine Gun Kelly? Are you addicted to Simple Plan or Blink-182’s Travis Barker recent works? The Bees Knees recommends this rising star raw heavy guitars, fantastic metal drum loops, and party jam. It’s time to relive our emo days and sing out loud in the garage. Don’t be ‘Paralyzed’ and click here to get your copy of Sueco’s punk anthem! Watch the official video below.

Gina Naomi Baez – ‘Liquor Love’

Did you ever feel so ‘Drunk In Love’ with someone? Gina Naomi Baez stops pretending and sits around the glasses to sing her ‘Liquor Love’ to her ex. “Dare I say it’s time to move on/This honeymoon heat is long gone/Fun at first flying with the wind/No responsibilities, ”she sings opening the bottle full of bitterness and well-crafted melodies. The passion sadly fades with time and like alcohol, this is ephemeral. We grow out of these experiences. The songwriter and actress’s delicate Lorde-infused vocal tones shine bright like a musical diamond.

She’s one of The Bees Knees’ rising stars this week for her versatility. As well as showing some breezy emotions, she can as well have a funny side. She loves to do parodies on her YouTube channel. If you are a little bit curious, her Lizzo ‘Truth Hurts’ X Hocus Pocus video and her covers of Taylor Swift are worth the spare minutes of your busy day. Get ‘Liquor Love’ and more info on multitalented Gina Naomi Baez here!

Alexa Villa – ‘Call Me Crazy’

Take the creative sensibility of Halsey, the grunge attitude of Gwen Stefani’s No Doubt era and you got the whole Alexa Villa universe. The Bees Knees rising star depicts how we are crazy as part of our individuality. Madness can be good too! We have to keep the fire alive through our passions. Cats? Clubs? Athletic? Any situation can fill our insane ideas. We’re unique and fun! Alexa Villa kicked her career a while ago on Warped Tour and staged different parts of her life in the ‘Call Me Crazy’ official video.

The pop-rock star feeds us with provocative, energetic visuals that remind us of the Miley Cyrus Bangerz era. Whenever someone calls you names, be confident and true to yourself. Smash them with the bold and powerful lines crafted by the Californian singer-songwriter. Cry out loud your feelings and stream or download ‘Call Me Crazy’ here. It’s a great start while waiting to be a Good Girl in the next couple of months. Who’s excited about the upcoming EP?

Blanks – ‘Never Have I Ever’

Bored at some friend’s party? Do you find yourself on a ‘Never Have I Ever’ confession spree? Dutch rising star Blanks knows how to entertain on his new single. If you love fun retro vibes like Bo Burnham’s work or the romantic tapes of Fickle Friends, you got the best of both worlds with ‘Never Have I Ever.’ “You got me feeling alive, yeah/Alive, yeah/I’m burning like the sun/You got me feeling alive, yeah,” Blanks sings with confidence in the addictive chorus. It puts an instant smile on our faces with the fast synths running through our veins and the hyped energy the melody brings.

Sing along to the bopping rhythmics and, if you can, dance in your car or everywhere else! Feel the excitement through the high-profile guitar lines and the magic beats. Play the ‘Never Have I Ever’ stream game here! The debut album Nothing Last Forever And That’s OK is the nostalgic incursion you need in your life! Get your hands on it on October 29th!

THE BRKN – ‘Lost Boy’

With concerts coming back, we love to see live videos and get the real feels. Denver trio THE BRKN shines on stage with the live video of ‘Lost Boy.’ Watch the good vibes and find back the enthusiast crowds again. The indie-pop guitars float in the venue atmosphere. Fans of Bleachers and The Academic would love the whole energy of The Bees Knees rising artist of the week. Jump around, be playful and just appreciate the moment. Mixing synth-pop and rock, the trio crafts music with soul, catchy beats and such fun melodies.

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Got7 Got Our Backs

They radiate positivity through their mighty guitar riffs and drum rolls. Their music holds some kind of connection with us and we’re not a ‘Lost Boy’ or a lost girl anymore. We gather into a sonic community with sounds that keep us closer. Come Outside and enjoy the bright rock sounds from THE BRKN here! Scroll below to watch the amazing video!

Molly Moore X NoMBe – ‘Marco Polo’

Dream loud and listen to the echoes of the sea. Introducing on 20 seconds gramophone-like sampling, we are hook to Molly Moore from the first babbles. The New York-born songstress’ blissful vocals make sweet harmonies with NoMBe on the new track ‘Marco Polo.’ The song is delicate like a flower. The bopping rhythmic bumps into sugar-like melodies remind us of the classic songwriting from Kacey Musgraves or Ashe.

All alone on an island/Waiting for signs of life from the mainland/Saw your face and I knew/You’d help me escape my feelings at hand,” harmonize Molly and collaborator NoMBe with a pop finesse we melt for. It awakens all our senses with the sound waves and grooves like everything we can find on a Victoria Monét track. The song teases what’s coming up on the future Escapism, Part 1 EP and it only looks so exciting! Take a trip to bossa nova land and enjoy the production mixtures of lovely side effects! Embark the ship and find ‘Marco Polo’ on all streaming platforms here.

July Jones – ‘Aladdin’

Forget about Disney princes! One of The Bees Knees rising artists July Jones released this metaphoric hymn. “Did you like playing Aladdin in your silly little dream/So concerned about the Princess you forgot about the Queen,” she screams with her crystalline vocals. After giving us ‘Butterflies,’ the singer gives us chills. Do you feel betrayed sometimes in your relationships? It happens sadly and July Jones was inspired by her personal experience.

When the partner is tired of how we act around our social circle, they give attention to other people and it annoys us. The lyrics paint how it can be hurtful to the other around the psychedelic pop melody. Find your alternate universe! Stream or download July Jones’ ‘Aladdin’ here. July Jones will also be supporting GIRLI on tour in November and December. Get tickets here and be mesmerized by their powerful spells!

Do you have any thoughts about the tracks this week? Anything that you want to share? Hit us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Are these lovely sounds not enough and you need much more? No worries, THP is here to fulfill your 24/7 new music playlists. Click here for other brilliant releases!

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