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We Don’t Want PRETTYMUCH & Jeremih To Leave After This Song

We Don’t Want PRETTYMUCH & Jeremih To Leave After This Song

Have we ever mentioned that we’re obsessed with PRETTYMUCH? No? Are you sure? Cause it feels like we have. Well, we’ll say it again. We’re obsessed with PRETTYMUCH! We’ve been vibing to the Smackables EP all year and the guys have just not quit with their music. They’re back and better than ever, following up recent release ‘Trust’ with a new track called ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave.’ This time though, it’s PRETTYMUCH & Jeremih on the track and we can’t get enough.

We wrote ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave’ having a crazy night with a girl who has a man but he clearly doesn’t treat her well. We wanted to make song that feels sexy and very in the moment but also cheeky and sincere. We wrote the hook with Jeremih at like 1am at his crib and then Brandon and Edwin finished the rest of the song the next day. We always say, when songs come this easy, that’s how you know it’s something special. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!

PRETTYMUCH on working with Jeremih

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Sexy and in the moment? Check. Cheeky and sincere? Also check. The band’s assessment of this track is spot on. If you ask us, they achieved the song they were going for. PRETTYMUCH & Jeremih teaming up for ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave’ was the perfect choice. It’s catchy, smooth, and hooks you easily with the beat. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, PRETTYMUCH is not your typical boyband. Their unique sound and production really make them stand out amongst their peers and we hope to see these guys continue to climb to the top. With music like this, it probably won’t take them very long.

Oh, and we can’t forget this music video! Every single music video these guys have dropped in the last year has been absolutely stunning. From the visual storytelling in ‘Corpus Christi’ and ‘Trust,’ to the beautiful colors and dope outfits in ‘Stars,’ every PRETTYMUCH video is something unique. ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave’ is joining the ranks of PRETTYMUCH’s videos and it does not disappoint. PRETTYMUCH & Jeremih look and sound great and we love the visuals. And the outfits. @ PRETTYMUCH please let us raid your closets/music video shoots thanks <3

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What do you think of PRETTYMUCH & Jeremih’s track? Do you want to see more collabs in the future? Will you join us in manifesting a PRETTYMUCH tour? Sound off in the comments or hit us up on Twitter! We’re always buzzing about something!

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