‘Who’s In Your Head?’ Jonas Brothers Are In Ours!

‘Who’s In Your Head?’ Jonas Brothers Are In Ours!

Holy Jo! It’s finally here! Jonas Brothers have dropped ‘Who’s In Your Head,’ and we don’t have to cry over missing out on the Denver show anymore. Join us as we revisit our teenage selves and freak out over the new JoBros bop here!

Co-written with Max Martin and Rami Yacoub, ‘Who’s In Your Head’ is the bestie our Spotify playlists were looking for. Gliding on swagger guitar riffs, shuffling beats, and on a dance-floor ready bass thump, this song is inevitably one of Jonas Brothers’ bests. The momentum gives way to an instantly irresistible hook, “I wanna know who’s in your head stealing your heart while I’m still bleeding, Who’s in your bed wrapped in your arms while I ain’t sleeping.” Oh, and please talk about Joe’s and Nick’s bold falsettos, ’cause honestly, it looks like that’s all we’re living for!

‘Who’s In Your Head’ Sounds Like It Was Made To Live In Our Heads Rent-free

Are you also lost in the “Halo, Halo” part, or is it just us? We know it can’t be just us. And to put it out there – we’re obsessed with the bridge, the slightest of echoes, the bitter-sweet lyrics, and basically the whole of ‘Who’s In Your Head.’ The music video should be right around the corner but until then, watch the lyric video below:

Jonas Brothers know what they’ve come for, and they deliver top-tier music every single time. With the lads on tour right now (get your tickets here), we can already expect more live performances of ‘Who’s In Your Head.’ Bring it on, boys!

Are you seeing Jonas Brothers live on Remember This Tour? Have you played ‘Who’s In Your Head’ 56 times already? Tell us everything in the comments, or hit us up @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Certified JoBros addicts? Welcome to the club!


Featured Image Source: Katia Temkin

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