Placebo’s ‘Beautiful James‘ Hits Straight to The Heart

Placebo’s ‘Beautiful James‘ Hits Straight to The Heart

Do you remember waking up on a ‘Pure Morning’ or walking in the ‘English Summer Rain?’ More than 25 years passed and British rock band Placebo still provides strong medicine for us. The band unleashes their first new material in 5 years to celebrate diversity. ‘Beautiful James’ is our new heartfelt anthem this week!

Image Source: Mads Perch

Defying The Norms!

Defying gender normativity, even in the 1990s, Placebo brought androgyny and LGBTQ+ themes in their songs and visuals. Their inspiration mainly came from glam rockers legends David Bowie and Marc Bolan from T-Rex back in the seventies. Unconsciously, they paved a way for the YUNGBLUD generation. You can dress the way you want. Do you dream of a world where you can identify yourself as you wish for and where love is love? On Placebo’s ‘Beautiful James,’ you feel that connection. “Take me by the hand/As we cross through battlefields/Nobody understands ‘Cause there’s nobody at the wheel,” Brian Molko starts the song with genuine emotions. It’s like 1998’s ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ sister song. You need someone you trust to climb the mountains and fight for your rights!

Glitter Sounds!

Placebo’s eight album recording is completed and we are so in love with that first teaser ‘Beautiful James.’ Are you nostalgic about the shimmering guitars? Did you miss Brian Molko’s special vocals? The dark poetry of the song will hook you up. It started with the single cover image, then inspiration came for a song that can have different meanings for anyone. James could be the mirror of ourselves, our loved ones, or an object that is precious to us. ‘Beautiful James’ is the epitome of appreciating life as it goes, self-acceptance and happiness. We strongly recommend you to hear this song if you are in awe with CHVRCHES retro synths, solid drums, and glitter harmonies. Experience the musical beauty of Placebo’s ‘Beautiful James’ here.

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Featured Image Source: Mads Perch

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