Alec Benjamin Revisits Youth With New Single ‘Older’

Alec Benjamin Revisits Youth With New Single ‘Older’

Alec Benjamin has taken us out of our misery and finally gifted the long-awaited single ‘Older.’ A nostalgic ride to 20 years down the line on either side of our current age, ‘Older’ feels like a warm hug. Listen to the song right here!

Signature Benjamin, ‘Older’ is easy and soft on the ears, with chill beats and a catchy chorus. There is no denying that Alec Benjamin is a top-tier songwriter. He has always made us feel sonically connected with his songs, and this time was no different. ‘Older’ talks about the uncertainties of getting older and leaving our childhood behind as we take on the world. It reminds us of a youth that has slipped through our fingers, emphasizing the bittersweet passage of time. You can feel the pressure of adulting, trying to meet expectations, and settling down with a lifelong partner and a steady job. As always, Alec’s music ends up speaking to us.

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‘Older’ Music Video Is A Sneak-Peek Into Alec Benjamin’s Childhood

Directed by AJ Favicchio and Miles Cable, ‘Older’ MV is probably one of the sweetest music videos we’ve ever watched. Alec invites his childhood friends to put their adult lives on hold and reunite to create some fun moments from their past. A bus transports them through their old stomping grounds, and the visual introduces us to fun anecdotes from their very long friendship. Alec Benjamin closes the ‘Older’ visual with a very positive message – “Youth shouldn’t be defined by trips around the sun, but by the places you went and the friends you made. I’m not ready to get older, but maybe I don’t have to yet.”

We couldn’t help but reminisce about our own childhood days after watching the ‘Older’ music video. Now, we wanna hear from you! Is Alec Benjamin on your stan list yet? What is your favorite lyric from ‘Older?’ Tell us by commenting below or tweet @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Obsessed with Alec Benjamin? So are we!


Featured Image Source: Matty Vogel

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