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Brendan Murray Is On Our New Stan List

Brendan Murray Is On Our New Stan List

Stan Brendan Murray! We at the THP are buzzing over his unique voice, and so should you. Remember the X-Factor audition when we first listened to Brendan and were like, “oh my god is that his real voice?” We all have heard about a mic drop, but Brendan is unique as he did the paper drop during his audition.

Remember when Louis Tomlinson said, “Brendan you have got a really really special voice,” yes we cannot agree enough. This boy from Ireland deserves so much more. So we’re going full fangirl, as we take you to on the ride of why Brendan Murray is on our new stan list.

If you haven’t listened to Brendan yet, you are missing something angelic. Let us tell you this article is perfect for you.

‘Deep Fake’

We, at THP, are listening to ‘Deep Fake’ on repeat. Brendan wrote this song with Janet Grogan and Liam Geddes. We would suggest you go listen to the song first and then come back. Here it is. Not only his voice but also the lyrics are enough to give you chills. The high note of him takes us to a different universe. Through this song, Brendan tells us how it is difficult to be yourself online. We are pondering over the lyrics, “why I can’t be myself instead of chasin’ likes?” Everything has become online due to the pandemic, and we unknowingly slid into ‘Deep Fake’ by trying to please people every day. Everyone say: Thank You, Brendan, for these thoughtful lyrics.

‘Here To Stay’

Okay, we need some time to write about this song as we are not over yet. We know you will also be lost in the “we both know nobody is perfect” part, just like us. This song is an engrossing interpretation of humans being not perfect. One should love the other person without judging the flaws because at the end of the day we are all ‘Here To Stay.’ Brendan’s voice has made the song even more superior.

‘If I’m Honest’

If we are honest, this song is a gift to us when we get a feeling of regret. This mid-tempo pop ballad of Brendan is something we didn’t know we needed. Lyrically the song is so deep in thought we just drown in it. The line “It was never meant to go down like this” hits hard in our hearts. It is a mixed feeling of pain and elevating because Brendan says, “If I’m honest, I don’t really care,” and we feel it.

Brendan Murray, our favorite boy, every time lights up our hearts with his voice, and we can’t stop listening to him. Go check out all his songs here before it’s too late. We are sure you will fall in love too.

Brendan Is Teasing Us With New Tunes

We can’t keep calm till 8th October as he is releasing a new tune called ‘Little Island’ then. He posted a snippet of the song, and we are listening to the “you are my little island” part on repeat. This 42 seconds audio is giving us new life. It sounds so refreshing. Go check out the snippet now.

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Brendan is such a jolly and friendly boy, and we get enough proof on his Instagram. He loves to interact with his fans. Did we forget to mention how beautiful his smile is? Well, not only the voice but also his smile has taken our hearts.

We know you are already listening to Brendan while reading this. Tell us in the comments how much Brendan’s voice and lyrics are moving you at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook.


Featured Image Source: Michael Campanella via Getty Images

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