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ENHYPEN’s Dimension: Dilemma Is Coming And We’re Celebrating By Rewatching Their Iconic MVs

ENHYPEN’s Dimension: Dilemma Is Coming And We’re Celebrating By Rewatching Their Iconic MVs

Fellow ENGENEs, can you hear us scream? A whole album. We’re getting a whole ENHYPEN album! In under a month. Oh, what a one-year anniversary gift that is! We’re so spoiled! Okay, let’s calm down for a bit and break the whole situation down for you.

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On Weverse, BELIFT LAB announced ENHYPEN’s comeback with their first full-length studio album Dimension: Dilemma on October 12 following April’s Border: Carnival. The mini-album peaked at #18 on Billboard 200 so expectations are high with this album, but our favorite septet never fails to deliver. There’s no flicker of doubt that Dimension: Dilemma will be jam-packed with some of the best songs of the year if the teaser is any indication of the same!

‘Intro: Whiteout’ is the first track to be included in DIMENSION: DILEMMA, and God the stunning shots the video features! The video featuring voiceovers from the members with scenes shifting from a clear blue sky and a glittering ocean to chandeliers and coins aesthetically intersecting with the lyrics.

ENGENEs have been going berserk ever since, with many different theories springing up, following the release of the teaser and the names of different versions of the album bundles. Damn, we ENGENEs are mad educated and wise to be able to relate and theorize to this level of precision. Let’s take a look here:

Crazy right? We fully agree!

DIMENSION: DILEMMA will be available in three versions – SYCLLA, ODYSSEUS, and CHARYBDIS. Time to empty your pockets, besties, and pre-order these beauties right here.

Now for baby ENGENEs and for those who don’t know who ENHYPEN is (veteran ENGENEs are also, most welcome to the party), we’re taking you on a music-video binging session, so y’all are all armed and ready right before comeback season hits. Let’s get it!


Given-Taken‘ is ENHYPEN’s first official single as a group, following their time on the reality series I-LAND which picked the members. Featuring stunning visuals as well as vocals this was the first track to establish the group into the world of K-Pop and let’s say it did just that and more!

‘Let Me In (20 CUBE)’

The second single off of Border: Day One, ‘Let Me In(20 CUBE)’ ventures further into the ENHYPEN universe. Featuring another slew of stunning visuals, the boys looking delicious as ever and the addictive hook line in the middle of the chorus… it’s a perfect follow-up to ‘Given Taken.’


Drunk-Dazed‘, the lead single of their second mini-album, Border: Carnival seems to be an introspective one. It explores the members’ emotions that came with entering the spotlight following their first mini. It shows the members’ complex emotions after being thrown into a whole new world of glamour with different rules. Another banger in the ENHYPEN discography.


We think we’ll have many agreeing with us if we said ‘Fever‘ is ENHYPEN’s best music video. This visuals call for a one-word description – royal. That’s what it is. And please, if you haven’t yet, go watch this and no one is going to blame you if you end up breaking that replay button over this. We’ve been there and done that.

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So those are our favorite ENHYPEN MVs till now. We’re sure DIMENSION: DILEMMA is gonna pose some serious competition to these but it’s a proven fact that ENHYPEN cannot make one bad song/MV in their discography so we plan to only increase this list! Let us know your faves in the comments.

Can October 12 come early? Please, God! Come share your excitement with us @TheHoneyPOP, on Facebook, and Instagram or in the comments below!

“Whatever we choose, We’ve got to run. What do you think?” – chills.

See you October 12!


Featured Image Source: BELIFT LAB

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