Elderbrook Found His Innerlight On New EP Teaser!

Elderbrook Found His  Innerlight  On New EP Teaser!

Even in tough times, we can find our Innerlight! Producer Elderbrook soothes us with his electro droplets and we are hooked to his musical aesthetic. Teaming up with Emmitt Fenn, the beats prodigy serves an amazing mixture of sounds on ‘I Will Find My Way To You.’ Find your comfort from the rooftops to your living room.

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Discover Your Inner Self!

Elderbrook’s Innerlight is a journey to appreciate and discover ourselves. “I will find my way to you/To you/Anytime you’re here/It’s blue/I know,” Emmitt Fenn adds on the beats from the UK producer. ‘I Will Find My Way To You’ is a major fire team-up! Like Alesso and Liam Payne on ‘Midnight,’ the song could have different meanings. From finding our hidden love to discover our personalities, we let our feelings grow. Trust your mind and get a glimpse of positivity with the synth-pop vibes! The high energy radiates with adoration on this new track from Elderbrook and we can’t wait to hear the rest. Dance and find the light! This song is a beautiful introspection as Los Angeles producer Emmitt Fenn adds glitter and shiny instrumentation. Fans of Yves V would love to blast the song to get the rave party started.

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Breathe In, Breathe Out!

Around paradisiac visuals from some NYC skyscraper rooftop, the duo echoes in harmony with their dreamy beats. Elderbrook joyful reverbs and the lovely joint vocals sound so calming. Meditate to the optimistic vibes! From books to music, you can find the solution to dig and appreciate your inner self. If you feel good karma, we have news for you. Join the Elderbrook’s Innerlight party in the US at the end of September. Get your tickets here. Scroll down to watch the stunning performance of ‘I Will Find My Way To You.’ Stream or download the song from these various platforms.

Is there any person you think of when Elderbrook say so that they would run for them? Would you need a person so badly that you know you’ll find them again? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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