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Shawn Mendes Supports Youth Activists To Combat Climate Change

Shawn Mendes Supports Youth Activists To Combat Climate Change

Shawn Mendes Foundation

Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes has joined forces with young activists driving to combat climate change. With his namesake foundation, Shawn has partnered with Future Coalition’s Youth Climate Corps to support youth climate activists ahead of COP26. The Shawn Mendes Foundation will contribute to the Youth Climate Finance Alliance (YCFA), an initiative built upon the network of Future Coalition, which is a nationwide outreach program that coordinates youth activism.

Image Source: Shawn Mendes via Instagram

To better understand climate change, one should familiarize themselves with some of its raging causes and consequences. Climate change occurs due to global warming caused by the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere with the consequent shifting of weather patterns. It alters temperatures and weather patterns gradually over hundreds and thousands of years. However, humans are substantially contributing to its explosive growth. Human activities like burning fossil fuels (coal, gas, and oil) have accelerated this process at a much faster pace. Due to these emissions, the sun’s rays are trapped in the atmosphere, causing the earth’s average temperature to rise, thus causing global warming. If we do not act now and take serious actions to fight climate change today, there will be no tomorrow.

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This contribution will directly support public training sessions and provide financial support for a cohort of 50 activists undertaking more in-depth training. They will receive support for their work, time, and additionally, they will receive free online training in diverse fields such as justice, anti-oppression, climate finance, storytelling, and mental health, which will make climate justice movements more accessible and empower them. Shawn Mendes will also attend the virtual training sessions to gain a deeper understanding of climate finance.

According to Mendes,

I’m excited to join the climate movement alongside powerful youth climate organizers. Compensating young people for the climate activism work they are doing through the training is so important. We can’t wait to save our planet tomorrow, we need to defend it today and there is no better group leading change than young people.

Shawn Mendes

Youth Climate Finance Alliance 

The Youth Climate Finance Alliance aims to establish a multi-layered framework to end the fossil fuel industries that have further exacerbated the climate crisis by targeting large institutions that continue to finance it. It is a unifying and integrative campaign that supports the decentralized nature of the climate justice movement.

The Youth Climate Finance Alliance collaborates with youth-led organizations such as the Future Coalition to hold financial institutions accountable for their role in the climate emergency and compensate young people for their environmental organizing efforts. It provides young people with tools and resources to enhance their social impact work, leverage skills, and scale their movements. The Youth Climate Finance Alliance is hosting a free multi-week virtual training series titled ‘Political Education Series’ to provide a foundational understanding of climate finance. Check out here!

Shawn Mendes Foundation

The GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes founded the namesake foundation in August 2019. The organization aims to raise awareness about issues that Mendes and his fans care deeply about, such as education, children’s healthcare, mental health, sustainability, wellness, human rights, and many more! The Shawn Mendes Foundation is committed to empowering young changemakers in society. It provides direct support to causes they care about while amplifying and empowering them and their work.

Image Source: Shawn Mendes Foundation

In 2020, SMF announced Wonder Grants which is an ongoing angel-granting program. The program aims to aid young activists with big ideas who do not have the resources to implement their innovative projects across various disciplines, from music to film, human rights to education to science and technology. Shawn Mendes Foundation partnered with Global Citizen Year to launch the Global Citizen Academy, a unique leadership program for 2020 high school graduates from around the globe to learn powerful and practical skills for a lifetime of social impact!

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The Honey POP applauds every effort made to combat climate change and continues to support this global movement. With our combined efforts, whether on a personal or international level, we will be able to save our planet, mother Earth! Let’s keep the conversation going, and let’s hear what you have to say in the comments below, or tweet us at @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Shawn Mendes Foundation.

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