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Vinesto: ‘Wish That We’ All Believe In Real Love!

Vinesto: ‘Wish That We’ All Believe In Real Love!

Have you ever thought that you were into a weird circle where you show your love but the other doesn’t? Sadly, one-sided emotions are part of life and Vinesto depicts it with honesty and simplicity on the new single ‘Wish That We.’ How to live special moments and then being hurt? The Ukraine-born London singer-songwriter attracts us with his teenage dreams and anxieties. We’re buzzing to his melodies and lovely falsettos.

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Vinesto ‘Wish That We’ is the first teaser of his upcoming album Different. At only 17, he worked with Tommy Brown and Nicholas Cooper who previously collaborated with a star lineup such as Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Monét and more. Is he living the dream we all have? Hell yeah! From R’n’B deep ballads to psychedelic pop ventures, his music is a perfect feel-good mixture. His experiences taught us to be strong. Leaving home for school at 11 years old to study abroad, his upcoming record is a story of struggles, adaptation, and teenage heartbreaks. Who’s ready to dive into Vinesto sweet and sour universe?

The young creative prodigy has lots of inspiring thoughts in their mind. His writings help us to grow into the hazards of life. Through various topics, Vinesto songwriting develops in such a poetic and fashionable way. Discover how he connects himself with his art to create the finest pop music we ever heard!

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You left home at such an early age for your education. How do you think the experience has impacted you both as a person and an artist?
Leaving home was such a life-changing thing. I kind of had to leave behind all my friends, my school, my family, and I had to just figure things out on my own. I didn’t really have anyone to fall back on. So, I learned to be very comfortable with just myself, which made me super independent.

I really love that because I was able to learn for myself what is important to me and what’s not without people feeding me their expectations of who I had to be. An element of it definitely translates to my music and on this upcoming album. There is a lot of the songs that are influenced by me leaving home and the experiences I had after I left.

What was it like growing up in Ukraine and your life before moving to London?
It was such a different life from the life I live now. A lot of it probably came from the fact that I was so young but still it felt like life was more simple and easier in a sense. It was so nice to just meet up with friends by the school every day until the sunset and not really have to worry about all these other things going on.

I guess a part of me feels this way because when I was home. I had my parents to fall back on, they were there and even though we have never been the closest family in the world, still just coming home and having them sit and watch tv made baby Vinesto feel very safe and taken care of. When I was still living in Ukraine, I loved the winter season because I and my friends would go to the bazaar which is what we call a market where you can find literally anything that exists on this earth.

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Can you give us insight into the Ukrainian music scene? Do you have any recommendations for young artists from your native place that we should check out?
Over the past few years, I believe Ukrainian music has been getting better and better. Right now, I personally love artists like Kazka, Go_A, Dorofeeva, and NK. I really love Ukrainian music, which is done in a modern way but still includes the Ukrainian folk element to it like Shum by Go_A.

You alternate between LA and London. Are there any particular places in those two locations which you draw inspiration or that help with your creativity as an artist?
LA is such a creative environment, surrounded by musicians, creative people, and the whole Hollywood magic is just unreal. It’s incredibly exciting to just be there and meet so many creative people and work with some of them. London, I think will forever hold a special place in my heart. Whenever I am in the central city, I am so happy! I love London, the city life, architecture, people, the colors and even the weather. Lots of people moan about the weather, but I love grey London in the rain, it’s just so atmospheric.

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Besides music, can you share a glimpse into Vinesto’s life?
School, school, and more school. I am currently in my last year of school so juggling that alongside music can be quite hard. Whenever I am not doing music, I am probably on my laptop writing some sort of long boring essay.

Along with making music, do you have any other interests or projects in mind you’d like to pursue?
I have so many ideas inside my crazy head and I hope that one day I will be able to bring them all to life. I have this amazing signature scent idea that I think will be really fun to work on. I’m in love with fashion and clothes so maybe one day doing something to do with fashion, either my own little line or modeling for other designers that I admire. All of those would be dreams come true.

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You’re still early on in your career and the world is essentially your oyster. What are some goals you’d love to achieve? Are there any particular artists or fellow producers you hope to work with?
It would be a dream come true to do something with Troye Sivan, Ariana Grande, or Demi Lovato because they were the people who caused this insatiable desire I have to make music. When it comes to making music a lot of things in the process fascinate me. I am still so young and there are so many things I don’t know but I love working on the engineering side of the production and it’s something that I really want to work on more.

Your new single is called ‘Wish That We’ and we are so in love with it. If we could grant a wish for you right now, something you’ve always hoped for, what would that be and why?
Listen to my music 😉

Where did you get the inspiration for the track and what lyric do you think sums up the idea behind the song?
This track is so light-hearted and simple. I wanted to make a song that would represent that innocent idea of one-sided love. I didn’t want to make this song deep or sad or sexy. So, I just wanted this song to represent the young innocence of young people in love. I really like the line “I want more from us that I’ll never get” because it shows how much love can mean to some people and how little it can mean to others. When you are young and in love, it feels like that feeling is the most important thing in the world when it really isn’t. You forget how to think straight because you are swarmed by this weird feeling.

The accompanying music video aligns perfectly with the theme of the single, capturing the spirit of a teenage dream; how was filming this music video for you, and did you experience any memorable moments?
We went to this awesome location with a ton of neon signs and it was so beautiful there, probably one of my favorite locations we have shot at so far. It’s always really awkward to an extent shooting with someone, especially the whole love scenarios because you have to try and get into the mood to create a genuine connection and ignore the fact that there are cameras around you.

You caught the attention of the likes of Tommy Brown who works with artists like Ariana Grande! How does it feel to have the praise of someone who has had a hand in producing some major hits of today?
It feels absolutely incredible! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. It is truly a dream come true that I could have never seen coming a few years back.

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We love ‘Wish That We’ so much and we can already feel that connection with those relatable lyrics. Can you give us some other topics we are going to see in your album that will make us go “Oh, so we are not alone?”
The whole album represents the idea of growing up and finding your place and where you belong in this world. There are songs about loneliness, not fitting in, not having a home, not fully knowing who you are and so much more.

In which ways does your new single ‘Wish That We’ represent the general theme of your forthcoming debut album?
The whole theme for this album is this idea of coming of age. Even though the songs have a deeper meaning to them, most of them are still quite light-hearted and not overly deep.

What do you think makes you different compared to other artists out there right now?
I think every artist is different in their own way just like every human is different. Personally, I use my music to speak about the things that really matter to me and the experiences I have gone through.

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Vinesto’s music is leeching in our brain, taking us to a Different level. While waiting for his debut album, stream his latest masterpiece ‘Wish That We’ from your favorite music provider here.

Are you excited for Vinesto’s debut album from what you hear so far? Were his words inspiring for you? Share your thoughts with us through Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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