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BTS’ Inspirational Road To The 76th UN General Assembly!

BTS’ Inspirational Road To The 76th UN General Assembly!

Adorable Representative M.C. Of Youth, how are you feeling? Us ARMYs at THP HQ… have been in literal tears for the last few hours hearing and watching our best friends speak and perform at a coveted gathering like the 76th United Nations General Assembly’s SDG Moment! It’s a historic third time for BTS and ARMY and we’re taking you on a trip down memory lane from their first UN appearance to yesterday’s epic showdown!

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2018 – Love Myself

As a part of UNICEF’s #EndViolence Campaign, BTS launched Love Myself the movement in 2018. As said by leader RM himself, it focuses on the message “true love first begins with loving myself.” It came as part of BTS’ 3-year-spanning trilogy of albums including Love Yourself: Her, Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer. These albums, containing career highlights like ‘DNA’, ‘Fake Love’, ‘Mic Drop’, ‘Idol’ etc. were the beginning of BTS’ astronomic rise to super-stardom and hence the obvious UN invite. Many ARMYs still cite Namjoon’s speech at the event and many more at the several different Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour venues, as a catalyst for their journey into loving BTS, becoming ARMYs, and loving their own selves. Take a look yourself:

“What is your name? Speak Yourself!” – chills.

2020 – “Life Goes On, Let’s Live On”

Following a massive, worldwide stadium tour and their venture into the Map Of The Soul era encompassing albums – ‘Persona’ and ‘7’, found BTS at the, then, top of their careers and also face-to-face with the unprecedented challenge of a pandemic. Covid-19 took out a big chunk of our lives and rendered millions, hopeless. What was supposed to be an even bigger phenomenon than the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Stadium Tour i.e., the Map of the Soul Tour got indefinitely postponed and later, canceled. But BTS took on the challenge headfirst and went on to make everyone’s pandemic lives better with online concerts like Map of the Soul ON:E or the Bang Bang Con. Also, ‘Dynamite‘ happened and we can tell you’re lying if you said you didn’t once jam out to it.

Later in the year they also released a full-length album BE featuring ‘Life Goes On‘ which talks about how the world literally has come to standstill but we must live on, make the best out of what we have. This was also the message they sent out for their UN speech which, again, was part of their ‘Love Myself’ campaign. Shot remotely from Seoul, South Korea, this time it had all members – Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, speak on their take of a pandemic life. The speech is every bit motivational and it definitely makes you get your stuff together and get something done. That’s the BTS effect!

2021 – ‘Youth Today’

Days before BTS’ pre-announced appearance at the UN, they were invited to South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In’s Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House), Seoul. Here, BTS switched gears and went, not as just UNICEF Ambassadors but as South Korea’s Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture. The Blue House said in a statement – “As BTS has delivered messages of comfort and hope to the entire world, its attendance at the UN General Assembly this time is expected to serve as a meaningful opportunity to expand communication with future generations around the world and draw their sympathy on major international issues.” The members each received diplomat passports, a fountain pen, and cute little fist bumps from the President. Just BTS things, ya’ll.

On 19th SeptemberBTS took off from Seoul, South Korea …first time in nearly two years with #HAVEASAFEFLIGTH trending worldwide, en route to New York City. Adding to the slew of unprecedented stage locations, BTS took over the UN Headquarters for pre-recording their performance of ‘Permission to Dance,’ spanning the conference room, through seven doors to the plaza where they broke into the choreo, bustling with their contagious energy. The epic performance came to a close with the band doing the International Sign gestures for “Joy,” “Dance,” and “Peace” alongside dancers on the North Lawn.

Needless to say, this is our favorite ‘Permission to Dance‘ performance to date.

Introduced by South Korean President, Moon-Jae-In as “the artist that is most loved by the people around the world,” each member addressed the assembly in Korean, unlike the first time (in 2018) … where only leader, RM aka Namjoon spoke, in English. We love our language-barrier defying kings!

Image Source: BIGHIT Music

This year’s message was an extrapolation from last year’s “life goes on, let’s live on.” Centered on the youth – BTS’ target audience – the speech, encompassed the experiences of the younger generation, how their future paths were being shaped by the pandemic, and how they overcame many hardships to emerge on the brighter side.

They also steered the conversation into issues like climate change, racial discrimination/hate speech, and how the youth of today are powerful enough to make a difference in every field. This is why we called BTS our best friends in the opening sections because they understand and represent us on the world stage – better than anyone or anything else.

Member J-Hope also mentioned that all the seven members have got their Covid-vaccines! See, hot people get their vaccines on time. You should too.

A specific part of the speech, that stood out the most to everyone was when Jin said:

Here are some more excerpts of the speech from the rest of the members –

Don’t blame us… we warned you about the tears.

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Right now one song comes to mind which was initially written for ARMY by BTS but today, we want to dedicate this to the boys as it’s really very apt and because “you are me, I am you“:

So thanks
이런 날 믿어줘서
이 눈물과 상처들을 감당해줘서
So thanks
나의 빛이 돼줘서
화양연화의 그 꽃이 돼줘서”


So thanks
For believing in someone like me
For dealing with these tears and wounds
So thanks
For becoming my light
For becoming the flower in the

most beautiful moment in life

J-Hope’s verse from ‘2! 3! (Still Wishing For More Good Days)…’

This is an exceptional feat for BTS and ARMY from all over the world has been pouring in love and support in all forms – as they should. Today is really one of those days where we can sit down and contemplate how far, these seven boys from a small, upcoming company in South Korea, have come. From sharing one dream and one passion whilst blossoming into beautiful individuals… to sharing one stage, addressing the youth of the world, BTS has really surpassed all barriers, broken every other record, and put themselves in a place no one even thought was possible, reaching.

Yet, they did not lose their authentic touch in their music or their message – it is still very real and very human, right from the days of ‘No More Dream’ to “You’ve shown me I have reasons, I should love myself” and “we don’t need to worry, cause when we fall we know how to land”. BTS, in everything they do or say, makes the world a better place.

Their journey in itself along with their words at the UN Speech must serve as a tremendous boost of motivation and inspiration for millions around the globe. BTS really paved the way, in every sense of the phrase!

Image Source: GIPHY

If you can’t get enough of BTS, we’re here to indulge you with everything you might need to know! Hit us up in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Also, join us on Facebook and Instagram and let us know how you feel about the speech and performance!

Quick reminder, we have a COLDTAN collab called ‘My Universe‘ coming our way, September 24th. Pre-save/pre-order here and we’ll see you on the #BrokeARMY side of the world come this Friday.

Till then repeat after us – WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU BTS! 💜


Featured Image Source: BIGHIT MUSIC

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