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Marvel’s What If…? Is Halfway Done, Here’s 7 “What If’s” We’d Love To See In The Future

Marvel’s What If…? Is Halfway Done, Here’s 7 “What If’s” We’d Love To See In The Future

Avengers, assemble! We have to talk about What If…? Yes, again. Because we’re only halfway through the first season, and we already need more! It’s probably a good thing that they’ve confirmed a season 2. We’re not sure how we’d cope without one.

So Marvel just released a mid-season sneak peek for What If…? and that got us thinking “what other scenarios we’d like to see explored in the future?” and then this list happened. Enjoy!

What If Loki And Thor Had A Better Relationship?

We all remember watching Thor (2011) and thinking, “finally, siblings being portrayed accurately” at the beginning of the movie, right? But what if they had done that throughout the brothers’ entire arc? If we’re honest, their relationship only falls apart because Odin was as far as possible from any Father of the Year award, and that reflected (badly) on his children. Had he been a better parent, or if Thor and Loki had banded together instead of drifting apart over their lives, maybe things could’ve been a lot different. And here’s the thing: they already gave us Thor and Loki, realizing they had a lot of shared trauma because of Odin. It just affected each of them differently, but that happened after they already had multiple fights over the centuries. What if they had patched up their relationship earlier? Give us that version of history, Marvel. We’re literally begging at this point.

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What If Loki Had Not Been “Adopted” As A Baby?

Yes, “adopted” is in quote marks because, let’s be honest, Loki was essentially kidnapped, even if Odin did so after finding him all alone in Jotunheim. But anyway, the point here is: what if he hadn’t been found that day and had grown up in his homeworld? He could’ve only spent the first few years of his childhood there or have actually become an adult and met all the other characters later. Either way, it’d be an interesting take to explore.

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What If Hawkeye Died In Endgame Instead Of Natasha?

Can you tell we’re still salty over Nat’s death? She shouldn’t have died, and we will die on this hill. But that’s not the point here. The point is: it would’ve been interesting to see Nat coming back alone from Vormir. She’d have just lost the man who gave her a second chance at doing the right thing and the first person she considered family after a long time, and she also wouldn’t be dead. And it would be interesting to see Clint’s family come back and have to deal with his absence.

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What If Steve, Bucky, And Howard Were The Founders Of Shield?

This is literally just us wanting a part two for the Captain Carter episode. Because if Peggy is sent 70 years into the future, then someone else has to found SHIELD with Howard Stark. It only makes sense for it to be Steve and Bucky, who we also would love to see live their lives happily instead of being frozen for decades. It’d be interesting to see how their involvement could’ve impacted the agency, and the founding trio’s dynamic might’ve been.

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What If Steve And Natasha Got Together In Age Of Ultron?

Let’s get one thing straight first: romance isn’t necessary in any movie ever, but if they wanted romance, it would’ve made a lot more sense for it to be Nat and Steve instead of Nat and Bruce. The build-up during The Winter Soldier was perfect, they went from co-workers to friends, and it would make sense that theirs would be the relationship to evolve into something more. Instead, they pretty much forced a relationship between two people who barely interacted at all throughout the MCU. Imagine this: a whole year of Nat and Sam helping Steve search for Bucky, Nat and Steve get even closer, learning to trust each other more, and you think it wouldn’t make more sense for them to have something going on than for Nat and Bruce to have something?

What If Peter Does “Grow Into” Dr. Strange’s Cape In The Zombie-verse?

Don’t say you didn’t think this would at least be interesting to see. And we know that line about Peter “growing into” the cape wasn’t there by accident. Maybe it was just because Peter and Strange will be messing with sorcery in No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness, maybe it was because they wanted us to suffer more during the scene, or maybe it’s because Peter himself will learn a thing or two about magic (in the main MCU timeline.) And can you imagine baby Peter Parker using magic? Iconic!

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What If The Sun Did Shine On Thor And Loki Again?

Yes, we’re back to the Asgardian brothers because they can’t just give us a line like “the sun will shine on us again” and then just not have that happen. At the end of Ragnarok, their relationship looks like it could be patched up (finally), but then Infinity War happened, and our hearts were ripped out of our chests by Thanos. We need those two to have a second chance. Be it Loki from the show coming to the main timeline, be it the main timeline Loki being alive all along, we don’t care. We just want them to be happy.

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What are some scenarios you would like to see in the MCU’s future? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!


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