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7 Kim Kibum Looks That Prove He Is A Fashion Icon

7 Kim Kibum Looks That Prove He Is A Fashion Icon

First and foremost, all hail Kim Kibum! Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let us focus on why we are here today. SHINee has always been known for being fashion icons and trendsetters. They made skinny jeans popular in Korea and have always been daring and pushing fashion-forward by challenging gender norms and dressing out of the box.

When talking about SHINee‘s sense of fashion, we can’t forget to mention the one and only Kim Kibum! Not only does he amaze us to this day every week with new outfits, but he has also taken charge of designing SHINee’s stage outfits before (and they were amazing!). Key always has a new extraordinary outfit up his sleeve, and we decided to share seven looks with you today that prove he is a total fashion icon!

Key’s Airport Looks

Image Source: Bum To Shine via Twitter

Idols always bring their all when it comes to their airport fashion, sadly the pandemic has deprived us of most of those looks for the past year and a half, but Kibum always brought his A-game when it came to airport fashion. The look that’s absolutely stuck in our heads is his iconic red one with the red coat that is to die for. Combined with the simple white shirt, black pants, and a black scarf, he truly had us simping for his visuals.

The Maleficent Fur Coat
Image Source: @SHINeeWorldPH_ via Twitter

For MAMA 2015 Key did not come to play! The idol dressed in a long fur coat that was Maleficent theme. Kibum really never looked better than with our favorite Disney villain all over his clothes. This look truly was one for the books, and we think about it way more than we’d like to admit… That coat lives in our heads rent-free!

‘Hold On’ Look
Image Source: @jc2w on Instagram

For his feature on the AXODUS song ‘Hold On’ in 2016 Key rocked this leather look during a performance, and we have yet to get over this one. He really did something magical here. We are not sure what’s our favorite part of the outfit. Is it the hair? Is it the short-sleeved shirt? Is it the pants? We don’t know, but we know for sure it’s a look.

Kibum In A Beret
Image Source: Meltinsmile via Twitter

You might have noticed some way or the other that berets are kind of our weakness when it comes to idols’ fashion looks! No matter who wears them instantly looks amazing, but Kibum has rocked the accessory on multiple occasions throughout his career, and we can’t help but be extra weak for him! Be it for an Instagram shot or at the airport. He always looks absolutely stunning!

Kibum ‘Born To Shine’
key fashion
Image Source:

Now, this list would not be complete without this iconic Kibum look. It has been years, and we have yet to move on from Key’s solo stage for ‘Born To Shine’ during SHINee‘s concert. Not only is the song an absolute bop but the outfit? We are on the floor. Everything about this look is to die for the hot pink/red hair, the harness, the distressed black jeans. And we are pretty sure only SHINee’s Key could pull this one off!

Key In Shorts
key fashion
Image Source: @bumkeyk via Instagram

Obviously, we couldn’t forget to include Kibum’s looks in shorts! There have been a couple of occasions when the idol pulled off the stylish pair of short pants, and he has slayed them every single time! Kim Kibum in shorts is just a match made in heaven, and we can’t stop thinking about each of them. What an icon!

Key On Amazing Saturday
key fashion

There was no way we’d end this list without mentioning the amazing looks Key has been pulling off on Amazing Saturday every week. The members of the TvN show get a different theme every week to dress up as, and Key has been killing it every single time. We mean it. That’s why we couldn’t possibly pick a favorite from all the looks he has shown to us on the show. Each has been a stunner, so make sure you check his Instagram to see them all!

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There you have it, Key is an icon, and he has so many more outfits that have blown us away through the years, but we couldn’t have named them all. What is your favorite Key look he has ever worn? Did we mention your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

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