James Blake’s ‘Famous Last Word’ Will Boost You Up

James Blake’s ‘Famous Last Word’ Will Boost You Up

Musicians are such poets! How can you not love James Blake’s intricate and reflective songwriting? With his fifth album on the way, Friends That Break Your Heart, the producer brings his ‘Famous Last Words’ of wisdom to us!

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The Book Is Written!

Wanna set the mood for a quiet night? James Blake’s ‘Famous Last Word’ is giving you great pieces of advice. From day one the British producer knew “There’s a limit to your love like a waterfall in slow motion, like a map with no ocean.” His themes turn around heartbreaks, losses, and coming back stronger. He always amazes us with his deep lyrics. From his soulful grooves to his collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, he proved “Music can be everything.” His cinematic soundscape suits his creative ramblings to perfection. “I hope I’m right when I’m speaking my mind. I hope my life is no sign of the times,” he slams in ‘I Hope My Life (1-800 Mix)’ in his 2016 album The Colour In Anything. From time to time, he’s not afraid to share his thoughts.

James Blake Famous Last Word
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Forgiven Love

And I can’t believe I’m still talking about you/That feeling/I should’ve lost it,” James Blake’s ‘Famous Last Words’ opens up with harp strings and bass loops. His signature falsettos enchant us. How to hide our feelings? The singer penned some letters to someone he was close to but hurt him. He’s ready to go past the mistakes and forgive the faulty ones. “And I can’t believe I’m still making excuses for your crimes,” he sings with tearjerking emotions. Will you do the same? Take time to reflect in a room with him on his current US tour or catch him in UK and Europe next year. Get your tickets here! Be hypnotized by his melodies and dark grooves. Preorder his testimony to Friends That Break Your Heart here.

Close your eyes and listen closely to James Blake’s ‘Famous Last Words.’ Any thoughts on the song? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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