Sydney Sprague’s Deluxe Album Blasts With Exclusives!

Sydney Sprague’s Deluxe Album Blasts With Exclusives!

Do you wonder what will happen if the world is about to end? Phoenix, Arizona, rising artist Sydney Sprague reflects on this theme on her latest record maybe i will see you at the end of the world. Lately, she gifted her fans with three bonus tracks on a deluxe version release of the album! Who’s ready to jump on the ‘Landmines?’

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The Darkness Of ‘Steve’

Sydney Sprague’s deluxe album has a couple of great exclusive surprises. Enter a world of mellow remixes, cute acoustics, and explosive demos! Her mellow voice could fit perfectly in a collab with Charlotte Cardin, and the strums of her soulful guitar make us dream about a Phoebe Bridgers one! Dark but beautiful at the same time, she’s not shy to open up about how she’s been hurt or her difficulties on maybe I will see you at the end of the world. “You had my heart/You ate it like a peach in the summer/You spit it out/And said I’m not as sweet as another,” Sydney Sprague sings on the opening lines of ‘Steve.’ Relationships are twisty, and we felt that on the remix intro. Chaotic and distorted guitars transform into a healing melody.

Is It The End Of The World?

Sydney Sprague’s deluxe album show how she becomes our new pop princess! She’s never a ‘quitter’ and would never give up trying! Her vocals are delicate like Maisie Peters, and we escape the reality. Expressing our bad feelings is the best way to prevent a ‘staircase failure.’ With her solo guitar, she’s at her emotional peak on the ‘object permanence’ stripped-back version. maybe I will see you at the end of the world is a true gift! The ‘landmines’ of life can explode anytime, but with music and courage, we’ll get over them! Travel to the end of the world with Sydney Sprague. Follow a simple step and just click here!

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