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THP Exclusive: Tannergard Make Us ’DNCE’ On Debut Single!

THP Exclusive: Tannergard Make Us ’DNCE’ On Debut Single!

What is your perfect soundscape to be happy? Rock music, ethereal pop, or dance? Our featured artist, Tannergard, went from Malmö to London to produce the finest tracks in the popular culture. Co-writing with GIRLI, Sam Feldt, and many others, he put all his feelings in his writings. Recently, Tannergard’s debut single ‘DNCE’ was released. You’ll bust a move!

Image Source: Tannergard Instagram

Tannergard’s ‘DNCE’ is the start of something very groovy for the Swedish producer. Following the path of Jonas Blue and David Guetta, his first creation set new heights. We’re in love with the volatile beats that sways in the air and the stellar vocals from Carys Selvey. The electro elements elevate us and keep our moods hyped. We feel like we walk into fluffy clouds and it’s simply amazing!

The Swedish producer moved to London and found his way to the club scene. He DJed at We Are FSTVL and made a couple of residencies across the world. His travels inspired his sounds and his remixes. Did you know he also worked on BTS hit ‘We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal?’ Let’s discover the artist in twelve questions!

Image Source: Tannergard Instagram

Welcome to The Honey POP Tannergard! You were born in Malmö and are now based in London. How did that move change your perception of your creative path? How do both cultures inspire you?
Growing up in Sweden left an imprint on my life that will inspire me no matter where I travel. The people, the food, the culture – it all comes through in my music. The more I travel, the richer the tapestry of my creativity becomes. I pick up the language, sounds and inspiration from people I meet, late nights we share and hearing stories from my friends all over the world.

We know some Swedish DJs like Alesso and Galantis amongst so many others. How would you describe your work through this scene?
I’m conscious of the legacy they have set coming from our fairly small country and am inspired by their longevity and successes. I feel like I’m part of an emerging group that has learned from all the amazing creatives before us (ABBA, Dennis Pop, Max Martin) and want to leave our fingerprints on the culture now. We all want to represent the country to the rest of the world and I can’t wait to reveal what I have in mind.

Image Source: Tannergard Instagram

You co-wrote ‘We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal’ for BTS. What makes someone invincible according to you?
I don’t know if anyone is truly invincible, but knowing who you are, what you represent and what you’re willing to bet your life on are a few things that I see in most of my idols who appear invincible. Deep down, we all have faults and I know that they have to go through the same stuff, which is also how I connect with other artists in sessions. When the lights go down in the booth, it doesn’t matter who is in the studio, it becomes a human connection and invincibility turns into inspiration.

From your experiences, do you prefer to produce for others or on your own? How do you describe your work ethics in both cases? Is it a different approach?
Both are equally fulfilling but for different reasons. Working with others keeps me tapped into inspiring people and helping them fulfil their vision is a huge bonus. The opportunity to work across genres and build records that might not fit into my artist project puts new sounds on my radar. Then, when its time to work on solo material, all of these inspirations converge into the eclectic sounds you hear in a Tannergard release.

If you had to write for an artist that you absolutely love, who would you pick? Is there a dream collaboration you always wanted to do?
There are so many, but if I can only choose one I’d say, Ariana Grande, she really has it all when it comes to being an artist, from the style, branding, songs and did I mention her voice is absolutely incredible! Recently I’ve been listening to a lot to Men I Trust, and the lead singer has a phenomenal voice and great songwriting, that would be an awesome collab.

Image Source: TENOR GIFS

You just released your debut single ‘DNCE’ in September with Carys Selvey on vocals. How did the match happen? Is there a specific reason why you picked this rising singer-songwriter to collaborate with you?
I heard a specific voice in my head for the vocal and I had worked in some sessions with Carys in the past and she is so talented with an amazing voice. She’s a quick writer so it was an easy choice to bring her in and immediately she understood the vibe I wanted for the track.

‘DNCE’ is that song that has a great beat but at the same time it brings so many emotions. Was there any special approach when you wrote the song with Carys?
Scented candles, a tight deadline and a bottle of Mackmyra.

This song is about moving forward from a hard breakup if we take a quick look at the lyrics. Are there any experiences that inspired these poetic lines? Did you have a precise concept while you wrote it?
I usually like starting out with an idea or a vision of what I wanna do and can map out the whole song in my head. But this one just flowed out, and was a very in the moment type of creation. I do definitely have some personal experiences that relates to the lyrics of the song, and I know Carys does too, so it’s definitely a special song to the both of us.

If you had to make an ad about your debut single, do you have any idea of a quick slogan to describe it?


Sharpen your lance and get ready to dance!

What inspired you when you created these new loops? What was your vision about it?
I actually like finding interesting elements in songs, whether its a hit or a personal favorite, and extrapolating outward from there.

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A while ago you remixed Justin Timberlake and Camila Cabello which we can find on your Soundcloud page. What do you enjoy the most about reworking big hits?
Remixing your favourite songs gets you in a position where you have to push the sound in a different direction, which is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it ends up being pretty wild but sometimes both happen and you end up with a happy accident that becomes the whole ID of the song!

You participated in lots of DJ residencies and electronic events like We Are FSTVL and ADE in the past. With the festivals that are coming back, what are you looking the most forward to?
Watching the energy from the crowd again as they get to hear live music again. Seeing their reaction and the joy on their faces from dancing with their best friends while you give them the soundtrack is the best feeling ever and I can’t wait to get back to it .

What can we expect for the future of Tannergard? More original tracks? Remixes? Any secrets?
I’m already working on a follow-up record that my team and I are really excited about. There are going to be a few new remixes, a surprise version of ‘DNCE’ and tapping in with some friends from around the world to make sure we’re waving the Swedish flag wide and loud.

Image Source: Courtesy of Now Or Never PR

Tannergard new single can be yours if you click here to download or stream. Do you ‘DNCE’ to the good vibes too? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Afnan Acharki-THP Graphic Team/Now Or Never PR

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