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YOASOBI Tell Another Story With A Little Bit of ‘Romance’

YOASOBI Tell Another Story With A Little Bit of ‘Romance’


J-pop duo, YOASOBI who is known for releasing songs based on short stories from,, has released their newest track ‘Romance,’ and it’s a daydream.

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‘Romance’ follows the release of YOASOBI’s debut album THE BOOK, along with English versions of the bangers ‘Into The Night,’ ‘RGB’ and ‘Monster.’ Who each their own, we have fallen for. ‘Romance’ follows two people from different eras of time, as they ultimately fall in love. Whether you see it as a sad or happy story, all we have to say is we are in love with this bittersweet track.

Image Source: Sony Music Japan

The Beginning of ‘Romance’ immediately pulls us in, and the piano keeps us hooked. How someone can physically produce music that gives off the feeling of going through time, deserves an award, so someone please give Ayase and ikura their flowers. No wonder the story that the track is based on got picked amongst over 2 thousand submissions, it’s just so beautiful and we’re still in awe. In our opinion, this was probably the best time to release a track like ‘Romance,’ because we know long-distance relationships are sprouting up more now especially because of Covid, forcing everyone apart.

We know we already mentioned that YOASOBI makes great music, but their MV’s are also amazing, so be sure to check out the MV below!

If you’re thinking “Hm, I think I’ve heard of YOASOBI before?” well if you’ve been binging BEASTARS since its initial release, then you’ve heard them during the opening and closing of the show! If you loved the sound of ‘Romance,’ and the idea behind the songs the duo releases, then you should definitely check out these other tracks!

‘Monster’ or ‘怪物’

Whether you want to check out the original from BEASTARS, or the newest English version, ‘Monster’ is definitely one you should check out from the duo! Its beat is so good and really fresh, it’s honestly a perfect fit for the show. Was it a major reason why we got hooked to the show? Very much so.


This track and its story depict an ending of a relationship, and the need to go back and try to fix things, but then you realize, somethings you just can’t change. The guitar backtrack will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our favorite lyric from ‘Probably’ is “We are walking the path that leads to goodbye,” which perfectly wraps up the meaning of the story.

‘Into The Night’

(tw: mention of suicide)

‘Into The Night’ is a super sad track, with a very happy beat. It talks about suicide, and dealing with it one-sided, until you make that deeper connection with your person, and share those feelings. The MV is so fluid and tells the story without showing too much, leaving much to interpretation.


Listen, we are obsessed with how high and beautiful, and stable ikura’s voice is, she is such an incredible singer. And don’t get us started on how Ayase perfectly pulls everything together to make the perfect song. We believe ‘ハルジオン’ is a perfect track, it has an amazing breakdown that we can’t help but keep hitting repeat.

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Be sure to check out and stream ‘Romance,’ here. Also, don’t forget to check out their debut album THE BOOK, it’s something you don’t want to miss out on.

Image Source: @YOASOBI_staff on Twitter

What did you think about ‘Romance?’ What’s your favorite track from YOASOBI? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or talk to us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Sony Music Japan

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