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New Music Weekly: Trousdale, half.alive And More!

New Music Weekly: Trousdale, half.alive And More!

Our favorite day of the week is finally here! We are rounding up the absolute best in our New Music Weekly roundup! We have a ton of EP’s and albums this week for you guys to obsess over! We hope you enjoy these projects as much as we do!

Bellatrix – I Was An Aphid
Image Source: Sturdy Bitch Records

Stream I Was An Aphid here!

I Was An Aphid is heavy, we’ll just put that out there. The EP is four tracks and documents Bellatrix’s experience with being in and leaving an abusive relationship. After a few listens our favorite track has to be ‘Bad Love.’

Dead Sara – Ain’t It Tragic
Image Source: Warner Records

Stream Ain’t It Tragic here!

‘Hypnotic’ off Ain’t It Tragic, is one of our favorite songs of the year. Point blank, period. Dead Sara is singlehandedly reviving the rock genre in mainstream media by releasing an album this from to back flawless.

Right On, Kid – Life is a Movie
Image Source: Manic Kat Records

Stream Life is a Movie here!

You will never see us passing up the chance to gush about one of the greatest pop-punk groups currently making music. Life is a Movie has been such a gift that we haven’t been able to it turn off, with our favorite song being ‘No Fireworks.’

January Jane – Your Drug
Image Source: BMG

Stream Your Drug here!

The title track ‘Your Drug’ is enough to convince you this alt-pop trio is going places. We’ve listened to the entire EP in preparation for New Music Weekly so many times, with ‘Your Drug’ being the song we keep coming back to.

Bren Holmes – Everything You Never Wanted
Image Source: Rey Bee Inc

Stream Everything You Never Wanted here!

We simply don’t have enough roots music included in our New Music Weekly articles, so allow us to introduce you to Bren Holmes. His newest album Everything You Never Wanted has just dropped, it’s such a solid project. Our favorite track is ‘Sweet Talkin’ Angel.’

Neon Dreams – ‘Say It Out Loud’
Image Source: camschmidtt on Instagram

Stream ‘Say It Out Loud’ here!

We can’t help but be moved by what an upbeat, and bright song ‘Say It Out Loud’ is. After having a life-altering trip to South Africa ‘Say It Out Loud’ was born. You can hear the influence and featured songs of South African thanks to the collaboration with Mthangazo Gatya.

Wilmah – ‘Television’
Image Source: The Architects Entertainment Group

Stream ‘Television’ here!

We can’t believe ‘Television’ is only the second single we’re getting from Wilmah! They have already found such a unique sound, making genuine good pop music in a genre that often feels oversaturated, which isn’t the easiest feat. And that music video?! We got all the nostalgic feels and now we’re going to watch Friends.

Eden Rain – ‘Being Human’
Image Source: Whiteboard PR

Stream ‘Being Human’ here!

Ever since we covered ‘Rent in the City’ on a New Music Weekly, we’ve been obsessed with Eden Rain. She has such a soulful, unique voice, that has found its place in music. ‘Being Human’ has become a song we walk around while it’s raining and listen to in our headphones, it’s the ideal scenario.

LEVVELS – ‘Personal’
Image Source: Natasha Gornik

Stream ‘Personal’ here!

Any chance to showcase darkwave-rock here on New Music Weekly, we will take it! LEVVELS is a next-level group, and ‘Personal’ is the perfect introduction track to anyone who hasn’t heard of them before.

Dreamer Boy – ‘KEEP THE PACE’
Image Source: Harvest Records

Stream ‘KEEP THE PACE’ here!

We’ve been trying to come up with a label for what genre ‘KEEP THE PACE’ fits into, then realized there is no reason to box this incredible track in. You hear the pop influence, hyper-pop, pop-punk, it’s melting pop and makes Dreamer Boy a must-listen artist.

James Vincent McMorrow – Grapefruit Season
Image Source: RCA Records

Stream Grapefruit Season here!

James Vincent McMorrow has never disappointed, Grapefruit Season keeps up that streak seamlessly. If you’re like us and constantly looking for the best indie-pop music ‘Hollywood & Vine’ is going to be your standout track, we won’t even say how many times we’ve listened.

Jillian Lake – ‘XVII’
Image Source: Flaurgasm on Instagram

Stream ‘XVII’ here!

Jillian Lake is one of our new favorite artists, her impact on us was immediate with ‘XVII.’ Jillian has such a beautiful, ethereal voice that makes ‘XVII’ that much more incredible outside of the lyrics we automatically connected with.

XVII’ is a song about grief, and finding yourself all messed up in the aftermath just watching the world go on around you. A lot of floor-laying, a lot of driving down endless gravel roads, and a lot of shouting into the abyss. When you lose the sense of yourself and even breathing is hard. It’s a song about trying to find your footing again

Jillian Lake

Maximillian – ‘Letters’
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Steady Music PR

Stream ‘Letters’ here!

On this week’s New Music Weekly we’re bringing you one of the most beautiful songs we’ve heard in a while. ‘Letters’ is instantly calming, both due to its soft instruments and Maximillian’s incredibly delicate voice.

Lowertown – The Gaping Mouth
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Pablo Prada

Stream The Gaping Mouth here!

Lowertown is the duo missing from your playlists, let us just put that out there. The duo calls The Gaping Mouth their most mature work, we’d have to agree! You can hear how much they’ve come into their own, they made a sonically sound and cohesive EP, with our favorite track being the title track.

SAINT PHNX – ‘Happy Place’ (Deepend Remix)
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Atlantic Records

Stream ‘Happy Place’ (Deepend Remix) here!

New Music Weekly wouldn’t be complete without an incredible remix! The Deepend remix elevated ‘Happy Place’ to a place full of even more joy and even more potential for dancing around our rooms.

09 – Lost Years
New Music Weekly
Image Source: MadMimi PR

Stream Lost Years here!

Kellin Quinn is a feature on Lost Years, 09 means business. There’s not a better way to solidify a perfect pop-punk record than to have a staple in the genre make an appearance! Out of the twelve tracks, ‘Lost Years,’ and ‘American Disease’ are our favorites!

Bears In Trees – ‘Great Heights’
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Intuitive Records

Stream ‘Great Heights’ here!

‘Great Heights’ is one of our favorite tracks this week’s New Music Weekly has brought us! London-indie pop is truly its own genre and we are living for it. ‘Great Heights’ feels soaked in sunshine, we just want to scream the words.

half.alive – ‘Make of It’
New Music Weekly
Image Source: RCA Records

Stream ‘Make of It’ here!

After interviewing half.alive we did a complete discography deep-dive, we’ve been playing their tracks so often, and now, on this New Music Weekly, we have new material to obsess over! ‘Make of It’ is a perfect example of what a killer trio half alive is, you’re going to see them blow up in the coming months!

Polo – ‘Clublight’
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Wilful Publicity

Stream ‘Clublight’ here!

‘Clublight’ is going to be your next go-to song for a night out. It’s not every day we get an alt-pop song we want pre-game to, yet here we are! Polo has mastered that niche market!

See Also

Rozet – ‘Cake Face’
New Music Weekly
Image Source: ried.artgallery on Instagram

Stream ‘Cake Face’ here!

Man, what a voice Rozet has! The chorus to ‘Cake Face’ comes in so perfectly, completely changes the sound of the song, then goes back right into this soulful-pop jam. We can’t wait for more from Rozet.

Holly Clausius – ‘Clementine’
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Perkins Publicity

Stream ‘Clementine’ here!

Obsessed, is the only word we can think of to describe how we feel about ‘Clementine.’ Holly has described this track as a queer love ballad, which we just love! Having a soft, indie-pop love song on New Music Weekly makes us so happy, as on our good days ‘Clementine’ is exactly the music we’re wanting to blare through our speakers.

Astræa – ‘Stranger’
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Wilful Publicity

Stream ‘Stranger’ here!

Any song that draws 80s inspiration is going to be an instant hit with us! ‘Stranger’ fits that bill perfectly. Astræa has such a unique voice, one that carries a lot of power. We can’t wait to see what her EP, Looking Up, has in store.

Trousdale – ‘What Could I Say’
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Caitytakesphotos via Instagram

Stream ‘What Could I Say’ here!

Trousdale is the moment, they are the trio you’re going to want to get on board with immediately. We predicted big things from them when we listened to ‘Always, Joni,’ and ‘What Could I Say’ to prove we were correct! If indie-folk music is your cup of tea, then you’re in luck! We’re getting an entire EP from Trousdale on November 12th, titled What Happiness Is.

Ashley Kutcher – ‘Fake Bitches’
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Interscope Records

Stream ‘Fake Bitches’ here!

One thing about Ashley Kutcher is that she will always be honest in her music. There’s an aura about LA that Ashley explores here about how fake everyone can be, we would put ‘Fake Bitches’ as one of our favorite tracks from this week’s New Music Weekly.

Naliya – ‘Whatever’
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Interscope Records

Stream ‘Whatever’ here!

We’re ready for a complete Naliya takeover. She is making some of the best pop music you’ll hear. If you’ve been looking for alt-pop, while somehow still taking the best of modern radio-pop, look no further than Naliya with ‘Whatever.’

The National Parks – ‘UFO’
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Shea Lindsey

Stream ‘UFO’ here!

Indie-pop is taking over this week’s New Music Weekly, and we’re not mad about it! ‘UFO’ is exactly what you want out of the genre. It’s soft, with beautiful lyrics and the smoothest vocals. What more could we ask for?

Wavy The Creator – P.S. Thank You For Waiting
New Music Weekly
Image Source: Immensum Music

Stream P.S. Thank You For Waiting here!

‘Harmonies’ is that song, we just had to make that crystal clear. We’ve been vibing to the track since its release a few days ago. Wavy The Creator has made an EP that is perfect to just feel all the emotions to with P.S. Thank You For Waiting.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off this week’s New Music Weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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