GIRLI ‘Ruthless’ Writings Speaks Truth

GIRLI ‘Ruthless’ Writings Speaks Truth

Girls just wanna have fun! Women should not be afraid to speak up! Milly Toomey, AKA GIRLI ‘Ruthless,’ has an attitude that is brave and fierce! She proved it again on her latest single! Her music is solid as hell! We just want to listen to the British hitmaker over and over!

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Don’t Be Afraid To Dare!

“True love never did run smoothly” GIRLI says in her song ‘Ricochet.’ She’s passionate and bold with her ideas. She speaks the truth and advocates self-acceptance. Her videos are provocative and visionary. Can we say GIRLI is on the YUNGBLUD side? Yes! Stay true to yourself, be strong while facing difficulties, and just enjoy love as it goes! From one video to another, the singer-songwriter shades the societal standards with such creative concepts. We can’t wait to hear the Damsell In Distress massive EP where she depicts mental health, female empowerment, and more! Let’s rave on to the fabulous electronic staccatos of GIRLI’s ’Ruthless’ mind and don’t forget to preorder the record here!

Get Rid Of Bad Comments!

Do you care about what others think about you? Listen to GIRLI ‘Ruthless’ pieces of advice. “You made me/Ruthless/Only way to do it/When you break me,” she slams in the infectious chorus. Don’t give a d*mn about what the other says behind your back! Keep your head up! Like Cruella in her Vivienne Westwood stylish dress, GIRLI loses her mind and realizes how the world around her is vile. In her dark world, she raps and she plays intensively with her vocal to come up with such intricate and hooking melodies. We love her determined attitude and how she showcases the rage and delicacies similar to Halsey. Get ‘Ruthless’ and forget all the bad vibes here!

Are you feeling like a Damsell In Distress in this world? Which song from GIRLI represents yourself the best? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

Does this music make you obsessed? It’s perfectly normal because we are too! We even got some more picks for your hearing pleasure here!


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