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8 Lyrics From Coldplay x BTS’ ‘My Universe’ That “Make Our World Light Up Inside!”

8 Lyrics From Coldplay x BTS’ ‘My Universe’ That “Make Our World Light Up Inside!”

It’s past September 24 and Coldplay and BTS’ highly anticipated ‘My Universe‘ is out and let’s just say the world has become a better place since.

After much anticipation and manifestation, ‘My Universe’ is really out in the world today, and god, it feels so surreal to have the biggest groups on the planet come together for a track so beautiful, blending their different styles and also staying deeply rooted in their individual sounds as BTS and Coldplay. Both groups have been equally excited about the collaboration and we are witnessing a beautiful friendship blossoming among them. Recently on BTS’ 3-day stay in New York for their 76th United Nations SDG Moment visit, the guys met up with each other and we were blessed with an endearing interaction where BTS got the Coldplay boys modernized hanboks. They’re so lovely jubbly!

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‘My Universe’ – it’s one of those songs that you can sing along with thousands of people at a concert and also blast it from your car radio on a late-night long drive with the windows rolled down. The song is akin to what a literal warm hug on a cold, rainy day would feel like or what a coming-of-age film would set its happy ending to. BTS and Coldplay rightfully prioritize love above all else in ‘My Universe’ and it puts forth their common love for romantic poetry, turned into music. Every time you listen to the track, it seeps into your bones and makes a home inside your heart. You just cannot get enough of it so stream it here, as you read.

Written both in Korean and English and produced by the likes of GRAMMY winner Max Martin, the lyrics show how BTS and Coldplay envision love as such a beautiful, all-encompassing, all-consuming feeling. It’s really their whole universe and they’re the perfect embodiment of it. We’re picking our favorite out of these beautiful beautiful lyrics.

You, you are
My universe
And I just want to put you first

Damn, this line sounds like something you would whisper to your lover knowing you guys made it and it’s only upwards and forwards from here on. Chris Martin mentioned-

How beautiful is that thought! We’re reeling.

There’s a paradise that couldn’t capture
That bright infinity inside your eyes

That feeling when you look into the eyes of the person that you are head over heels in love with and just get lost in their beauty – butterflies in your stomach and all that. There’s nothing that testifies to the fact that you’re in love, more than that – “Your eyes tell.” These lines capture that precise feeling and insinuate more on how when you love someone, they become your entire universe and your love stretches out to infinity and beyond.

“매일 밤 네게 날아가
[Every night, I fly to you]
꿈이란 것도 잊은 채
[Even forgetting that this is a dream,]
나 웃으며 너를 만나
[I meet you with a smile on my face]
Never-ending forever baby

You know you’re in love when that person is all you think about, even in your dreams. It just shows how deep and great your love is. It’s beyond the physicality of the material world and it is eternal or as Jungkook puts it – “Never-ending forever baby.”
Let’s take a minute though to appreciate our Golden Maknae’s heavenly vocals here. He sounds so good we doubt we can ever get over this – not that we want to, anyways. Petition to happily camp under ‘My Universe’ Jungkook’s vocals for the rest of our lives!

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“어둠이 내겐 더 편했었지
[It used to be that I felt more comfortable in the darkness,]
길어진 그림자 속에서
[inside the lengthened shadow]”

First of all, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the universe and all the higher powers that control it for giving us Kim Taehyung because have you heard the man? Even Chris Martin went ‘shhh hold up, listen to this voice for a sec’ at their show when Tae’s part came on.

That’s his power. And god, these beautiful lyrics about people fighting with their own demons and being scared to love, in his lower-register, honey voice. What is this man made of? Like, does he breathe glitter or what? We’re crying – no lies.

“And they said that we can’t be together
Because, because we come from different sides

Namjoon comes in right after Taehyung and Jimin with his angel vocals harmonizes to this part of the track – just when we thought that this song couldn’t possibly get better. Chris Martin in an interview said, “It’s a song about love that’s difficult, or it’s forbidden, or you can’t quite get it together.” *sigh*

Shoutout to Jin at the end of this chorus for his otherworldly harmonization to Chris. He came in for two seconds, ate up his lines, and really left no crumbs behind. King behavior, y’all. Also how cute is his fanboy moment with Chris!

“나를 밝혀주는 건
[What lights me up is]
너란 사랑으로 수 놓아진 별
[the star that was embroidered with love that is you]
내 우주의 넌
[Inside my universe, you]
또 다른 세상을 만들어 주는 걸
[create another world for me]”

J-Hope you sunshine human! This is more proof of how genuinely talented he is and that he is physically incapable of doing a verse that’s not good. The lyrics, God. We’re just gonna leave it at this because… just look at it. If this is not a love letter, we don’t know what it is. This has us promptly bursting into clouds of confetti hearts!

“너는 내 별이자 나의 우주니까
[Because you are my star and my universe]
지금 이 시련도 결국엔 잠시니까
[Because the trial we face now is just for a moment anyway]
너는 언제까지나 지금처럼 밝게만 빛나줘
[All you have to do is to just keep shining bright like now]
우리는 너를 따라 이 긴 밤을 수놓을 거야
[And we will follow you, embroidering this long night]”

Celestial? Heavenly? We’ve run out of adjectives to describe this song and how much more beautiful it gets with each turn. Suga goes on to burrito-wrap us all in the comfort and hopes we ever needed in this relentlessly despair-filled world. His promise of following us into the long dark nights, and that all the hardships we’re facing right now are only temporary, provides so much strength to anyone listening. They were not lying when they said ‘My Universe,’ ‘Mikrokosmos,’ and ‘Heartbeat’ sit at the same table. +1 to our playlist of comfort songs.

We don’t know how but every new Sope verse becomes better than the previously existing amazing Sope verses, and that’s saying a lot. Every time. Every freaking time.

See Also

We are made of each other baby

If you carefully look at the wording of this line, it says “we are made of each other” unlike the usual “for.” What that might mean is, in this universe, we’re all one and the same and so going back to ‘Serendipity’ – “you are me, I am you.” At the end of the lyric video, a phrase appears “We are allone in the universe” which further builds on the point of “You are my universe” and we are one and the same so – “We are made of each other.” That’s some stunning wordplay. Thank God for poetry, music, Coldplay, and BTS.

Putting it in a sentence, ‘My Universe’ is what falling in love sounds like and celebrating its magnificence. The rarity and beauty of just unabashedly being in love is so delicately and gorgeously captured in this track, that makes it one, which will go down in history as a timeless anthem for lovers around the world. We love that for you, besties! Go on and give out all the love you have to offer, to your own ‘universes’ – it’d make this place so much better – the ultimate goal of this beautiful collaboration.

This is not the end to the ‘My Universe’ saga, though. We actually have a busy week ahead of us including a Dave Meyers-directed music video. Also, Coldplay’s album, Music Of The Spheres comes out October 15th! Pre-order here.

Additionally, we have both BTS and Coldplay performing for the Global Citizen Concert on September 25th so we might just get a performance from them! Form your prayer circles, everyone!
Oh and Chris also just performed the song on The Kelly Clarkson Show apart from their Apollo Theatre concert, acoustically and also sang the Korean parts of the song. Music really transcends all barriers and this is a testament to the fact. Chris, we love you! Take a look:

We’re so so in love with this song and we hope these guys team up again for another beaut like ‘My Universe.’ This was our interpretation of the lyrics penned by BTS members J-Hope, Suga, RM, and Coldplay member Chris Martin and others. Let us know what your favorite lyric is and what you think of them in the comments below or tweet us  @TheHoneyPOP! Also, join us on Facebook and Instagram as we celebrate this epic era that we get to live in and experience!

Keep an eye on us for all the scoop on all of the exciting content that’s coming up! We’ve got everything covered. It’s been one emotional piece and we’re going back to crying to ‘My Universe.’ See ya!



Featured Image Source: Coldplay via Twitter

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