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ITZY Has Us Crazy In Love With Their New Comeback

ITZY Has Us Crazy In Love With Their New Comeback

ITZY is back and with none the less than their first full-length album: Crazy in Love! Not only that, but ‘LOCO’ is by far their most special release to date and sets itself apart from anything they’ve done before. Always bringing the best of the best when it comes to music, performance and energy in general, an ITZY comeback was everything we needed to make our life better!

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This new title track isn’t like anything we’ve heard before from ITZY. While taking elements from K-pop and mixing it with western pop elements, ‘LOCO’ feels so fresh, uplifting and special. The energy of joy it gives off is incredible. Their vocals keep improving with every release, and this is clear proof of it. The rap verses work so well in the song, sounding so natural yet so powerful. But the highlight of the song is by far the chorus. It is the perfect pop chorus with a somehow party feel to it. It just makes you wanna get up and dance, and enjoy life.

Even though this is a brand new concept for them and the song falls more in the love song category, they still are so bad*ss in everything they do. Their unique and colorful styling complement their bold energy so well. And it all comes down to a captivating and unique music video And, of course, it’s ITZY so how could we not talk about choreography? The dance break is everything, but we didn’t expect any less from these five girls.

Overall, ‘LOCO’ does already feel like one of their best title tracks to date. It’s truly unique in every single way possible and represents their full album so well, and it truly proves that ITZY can do it all.

Crazy In Love

Now, a full-length album means more b-sides than usual. And they did not disappoint with any of these.

The album does include the instrumental versions of all their title tracks – ‘DALLA DALLA,’ ‘ICY,’ ‘WANNABE,’ ‘Not Shy,’ ‘In the morning,’ and ‘LOCO’ – as well as the English version of ‘LOCO.’ This version keeps that same power and energy as the original version, and it’s almost as good as the original.

The first b-side of ‘LOCO’ is ‘SWIPE.’ This song has such a fun and playful production making the unique concept stand out even more in the album. They totally take control in this one and we love that badass energy. This type of energy also shows through songs like ‘#Twenty’ and ‘Gas Me Up.’ Throughout both of these tracks, ITZY show their unique identity with their singing and rapping – needless to say that the rap in ‘#Twenty’ is exceptional. ‘B[OO]M-BOXX’ has also incredible energy to it and, just like ‘#Twenty,’ its club-like feel makes it the perfect dance track.

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The third track in the album is worth highlighting: ‘Sooo LUCKY’ is uplifting, bright and the best you can get in terms of pop songs. With its anthem-like chorus and bright energy, this song feels like the perfect mixture of trends in K-Pop today and Pop from the early 2010s. Similar to it we have ‘LOVE is,’ an inspiring and hopeful pop track, and ‘Chillin’ Chillin’,’ that showcases their vocals even more. These three tracks are simply pop perfection.

And last but definitely not least, the closing track ‘Mirror’ is so different from anything ITZY has released before. This beautiful pop ballad is full of sentiment as the lyrics talk about comforting oneself while facing struggles. It carries a beautiful message and has such a comfort to it; It’s the perfect closure to the main tracks in the albums and it’s truly a highlight not only in Crazy in Love but also their discography.

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We never doubted that ITZY could do amazing things, but they keep proving themselves with new and refreshing music and showing different sides of them through their b-sides. Crazy in Love is truly a stepstone in ITZY’s career not only because it’s their first full album but also because of its sound and how it shows immense growth, talent and potential. ITZY is a girl group we’re not even close to forgetting about.

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