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‘Mama Said’ That It’s Okay To Play These Lukas Graham Songs

‘Mama Said’ That It’s Okay To Play These Lukas Graham Songs

When we think about insanely talented artists with a backlog of incredible tracks, Lukas Graham always comes to mind! So many people know him because of his hit ‘7 Years,’ and rightfully so! That track is beyond incredible and is a staple, but we’re here to break down our top five favorite Lukas Graham tracks, besides ‘7 Years,’ of course!

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As of September 24th, Lukas has released his newest track, ‘Call My Name.’ So of course, we had to celebrate by going back through his discography! ‘Call My Name’ is one of those tracks you’ll instantly connect with, especially if you, like us, struggle with feeling lonely.

Stream ‘Call My Name’ here!

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‘Mama Said’

We’ve been singing ‘Mama Said’ for a solid month thanks to TikTok! We had to put ‘Mama Said’ on this list! That’s right, if you didn’t already know, Lukas Graham is behind the song that has been taking TikTok by storm! Somehow we haven’t gotten tired of hearing this track, it’s just so catchy!

‘Love You Right’

‘Love You Right’ is a collaboration between Lukas Graham and Walk Off the Earth, which is a match made in musical heaven! The vocals effects, the way ‘Love You Right’ feels like a breath of fresh pop air, it’s all perfect. The whole premise of wanting to be better and to love someone right because they’re so special to you is beautiful.

‘Drunk In The Morning’

Straight off of Lukas Graham’s debut self-titled record, ‘Drunk In The Morning’ is our favorite song of his. So many of us have dealt with that person who we only talk to when we’re intoxicated, that’s their permanent role in our lives. Those 2 am calls!

‘Love Someone’

Another massive hit that we bet you didn’t even know was by this prince of pop! If you’re looking for one of the best showcases of what a killer singer Lukas Graham is, look no further than ‘Love Someone.’ We’re not even sorry for the number of times we’ve played ‘Love Someone.’


We’ve cried every single time we’ve ever heard ‘Scars.’ Without fail. ‘Scars’ feels like an almost three-minute reminder that we aren’t alone, that we need to stop throwing salt in our wounds. Leave it to Lukas Graham to pen the most beautiful track, that will go on to help us for such a long time. We just love him!

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