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Here’s Why Girls Wish All-Boys Were Like Niall Horan!

Here’s Why Girls Wish All-Boys Were Like Niall Horan!

When you are dating a Directioner it is a known fact that it is very hard to keep up with their expectations. They have been clowning over five super cute and handsome men for almost 11 years now! It is also a known fact that Niall James Horan has the heart of every girl in this world. He is the sweetest and the most romantic member of One Direction and he makes us go “aw” every time we see him! Let us give you clues and hints about why your girlfriend wants you to be more like Niall!

Instagram Boyfriend

Okay, Nialler girls die for his Instagram lives and we have no objections. If you have attended at least one of his lives, you would’ve fallen for him already. He makes the stupidest jokes that somehow make us all laugh. He plays the guitar for his fans and spends some time with them. Not that we say that most of the boys don’t, but did you ever just call your girl out of nowhere and talk to her casually? It’s either always on the call or just calling her when there’s some work. Take this as an indirect tip from Horan, video call her out of nowhere and talk, show her your closet, make her feel like she’s home!

Image Source: Niall Horan During an Instagram Live

Dresses Like A Gentleman

You are completely wrong if you think that it is okay to dress like a homeboy on your 10th date. Well, you gotta impress her even though you have her. Surprise her with good date nights candlelight dinner and everything you can do for her! And most importantly, dress well. Niall never fails to make his fans go “wow.” His recent appearance at the Jimmy Kimmel show just put his fans in a coma. He wears tuck-in shirts or good aesthetic suits (he was shirtless in one of his lives but that isn’t necessary for you, you might just freak her out). You should go and google “Niall Horan Outfits” and you will not find even a single bad one. His plain shirts and golf outfits are too good on him, he dresses that well even for his casual events!

Image Source: Niall Horan via Instagram

Makes Everyone Laugh

He, with no doubt, is the funniest man on this planet. He walks, he talks, he makes us laugh, is his life motto. Whether it is his beautiful vacuum cleaner, him chillin’ out in a box, or just replying to his fans, he makes everything sound fun and that is one trait you should possess. Even during his 1D days, he used to give all the stupid interview answers and the best comebacks to anything that was controversial. Well, he gave us all more than that too. Playing the songs before release and revealing/spilling the names of the songs? He has done all that. While doing all this, he made us laugh with his funny accent (Not the Irish one, we love that one). Just watch his videos online and learn from the master, how to be as funny as this Irish princess (that’s what we call him, now, shoo)!

Image Source: Christian Tierney

Lyrics That Will Make You Cry

“Yeah, I see us in black and white, crystal clear on a starlit night.” This is a perfect wedding song, one of his best songs from all his albums. We all do not possess such talent and that is his greatest gift given, we all know that. His songs and collaborations have won our hearts and made us all cry with his heart-touching lyrics. His songs including, ‘Flicker,’ ‘Black and White,’ and ‘Put a little love on me’ make one of the best love/ romantic songs and his party songs are no less, ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ still stands as one of the best songs in the industry! If you can’t write like him, just sing one of his songs or dedicate them to your partner, she will fall for you again!

Image Source: Conor McDonnell

His Friends Are Very Loveable

This is one of the biggest problems in a relationship, your friends not liking her. You know that she isn’t a monster, but your friends think so. They might just be scared to lose you or are maybe just too protective. But this might put her off and might crack your relationship. In the world of Niall, there is no such problem, his friends are as funny as him and as cool as a cucumber. Talking about James Corden for example, or Liam Payne or Anne Marie or even Ashe, we are sure that when a girl comes into Niall’s life (or is already there) she will feel comfortable and as if she is one of them. Now that’s very positive and loveable, right? So, take every chance to make your friends and your partner feel comfortable around each other!

Image Source: Terence Patrick

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