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Experience Something Unique At The K-Music Festival 2021

Experience Something Unique At The K-Music Festival 2021

If you’re interested in Korean Music and Culture, we have the event for you! With fascinating acts on the lineup, The K-Music Festival arrives in London this October and promises unique experiences.

This autumn, the Korean Cultural Center in the UK opens a new edition of the festival with new and exciting talents returning to the stage. Once again, where tradition meets the future lays a promise of a golden music experience.

2021 K-Music Festival is always exceptional and a thrilling experience that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Get to see Korean artists meet other international musicians and see magic happen before your eyes, with sounds that defy and transcend our known music styles. With traditional instruments, folk influences and many talents in their hands and voices, the acts for this year’s event will certainly portray exquisite moments of once in a lifetime’s worth.

Opening Performance: ADG7

ADG7 @ K-Music Festival
Image Source: K-Music Festival 2021

This year, ADG7 opens the festival. The multi-award and internationally known group will kick off the event with their electric folk music, highly inspired by North Korean’s shamanic music (gut) and folk songs. ADG7’s powerful act has also already received many recognitions, for example as ‘Best Group’ at the KBS Korean Traditional Music Awards, in 2018.

Kyungso Park & Soona Park with Angharad Jenkins

Kyungso Park & Soona Park  @ K-Music Festival
Image Source: K-Music Festival 2021

On the second day, a fascinating first meeting between Gayageum masters from South Korea and North Korea Kyungso Park and Soona Park, on stage. The two magnific musicians are also joined by equally magnific fiddler and singer Agharad Jenkins, from Wales. From East to West, music brings together these amazing artists for a thrilling performance with mixtures of contemporary and folk.

Sinnoi + Dongyang Gozupa

Dongyang Gozupa, perform on the third day. The progressive rock group delivers their characteristic performances alongside the psychedelic sounds of the Korean metal-stringed, Yanggeum. Secondly, “Pansori, jazz, and modern electronic forces” feature on stage with the performance of Sinnoi. The quartet which recently has teamed up with new members, promises original sounds through a style that transcends genres and barriers in music.

Black String & Nguyên Lê

Returning to London, Black String with Nguyên Lê will perform their acclaimed collaborative album Karma. Traditional Korean music, jazz, and improvisation are the keywords for the extraordinary production that awaits us.


Dal:um @ K-Music Festival 2021
Image Source: K-Music Festival 2021

Dal:um performs two days, already in November. Commissioned by the National Theatre of Korea, The K-Music Festival will show the live performance of this fascinating duo. Ha Suyean and Hwang Hyeyoung challenge all possibilities and express a new form of music, bringing together the sounds of both Korean traditional instruments, Gayageum and Geomungo. The exquisite dynamic creates a beautiful dialogue. In addition, their album, entitle Similar and Different was released earlier this year.

Soojin Suh Coloris Trio & Camilla George

ojin Suh Coloris Trio & Camilla George @ K-Music Festival 2021
Image Source: K-Music Festival 2021

Lastly, but not at all in the least, Soojin Suh Coloris Trio & Camilla George, close the festival on a high note. The group’s sound portrays a beautiful blend with Korean traditional aesthetic and the concept of “melodic breath.” Nevertheless, their style expands much more beyond it.

Soojin Suh Coloris Trio meets London-based saxophone player Camilla George, as part of EFG London Jazz Festival. The talented musician entitled ‘The Golden Girl of Jazz,’ by the Evening Standard.  

With sounds from across the globe and an expanse of unique performances, the new edition of the K-Music Festival returns to the stage with true riches on its lineup. An opportunity that we believe you won’t want to lose!

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Featured Image Source: Korean Culture Center UK – K-Music Festival 2021

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