YUNGBLUD’s ‘fleabag’ Acoustic Dances Around The Truth!

YUNGBLUD’s ‘fleabag’ Acoustic Dances Around The Truth!

The truth is simple. Just grab your guitar and sing along to YUNGBLUD’s ‘fleabag.’ His new single got the acoustic to revamp and we love how the Doncaster-born artist turns songs into honest and hopeful vibes that comfort our grey days through the years. Do you want to hear some of his greatest work? The Honey POP sorts it out for you below!

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It’s okay to have struggles. On 21st Century Liability, YUNGBLUD showed his vulnerability, especially on the track ‘Medication.’ The soft guitar hums contrast with his raw and emotionally-fuelled voice. We are hooked to the grunge aesthetic melancholia. Every time we press play, we start to cry!


We already bop to the original version of ‘Patience’ by YUNGBLUD and KSI. This stripped-down recording is the cherry on top! Our fav British artist strums his guitar in such a poetic way. He’s charming like Ed Sheeran and the harmonies between both him and the rising star rapper are simply marvelous!

‘I’m With You’

Avril Lavigne is such an icon for her generation. She’s still powerful today and her performance of ‘I’m With You’ is something else! YUNGBLUD literally pours all his soul into this show. Their voices blend so naturally and it’s wonderful! Are you with us?

‘I Think I’m OKAY’

Do you like when things follow the path with more punk? YUNGBLUD teamed up with Machine Gun Kelly for ‘I Think I’m OKAY.’ Live, they deliver a solid and energetic performance even better than the record. It’s rockier and purer than ever! So, what can we expect from the new YUNGBLUD’s ‘fleabag’ acoustic version?


I fade and fade/And every time I try to change, to change,” YUNGBLUD cries out loud on the acoustic version. The cymbal adds rage and emotions to his signature vocals. How to deal with our self-acceptance! This song is our new therapy! Keep an eye on YUNGBLUD’s ‘fleabag’ acoustic version served here on all music platforms!

What do you think about YUNGBLUD’s ‘fleabag’ acoustic single? He’s the king of an emotional rollercoaster and we love him so much! Keep in touch and share what is your fav stripped-down piece from the Doncaster music master with us. Do it on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram!

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